Powel produces remix for Feral & Stray

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German DJ and music producer Powel recently produced a remix for Feral & Stray– consisting of Erin Lang, Marc Stebbin and David Georgos, signed by record label Mikrokleinstgarten. He provides his version of “Carried Away” as a free download via trndmusik and told us how that developed.

trndmusik: How come you produced a “Carried Away” remix?

Powel: The guys from Mikrokleinstgarten are friends of mine– not only because my band called The Mouse Folk had releases there. So it was kind of obvious to ask me for a remix. I had to think about it for a little while because I really like the album and didn’t feel like the remix would be an enrichment but after trying out different things I decided to make one.

trndmusik: Where and how did you produce the remix?

Powel: That’s hard to tell, actually. I sort of played around with the original track until I thought: Yeah, that’s alright. I already made a version about half a year ago but wasn’t really happy with it. So I’m happy now that Mikrokleinstgarten decided to release another remix EP giving me the chance to redesign it.

trndmusik: Why is it for free?

Powel: I made two different versions. One of them is part of the EP, the other one is a free download now.

trndmusik: What’s up next? Got any plans?

Powel: I’m in the final production stage of my next EP which is about to be released by All Day I Dream. But I can’t be too specific on this since I’m about to finish them and see which one of them fit the EP.

DOWNLOAD via The Artist Union or Hypeddit