trndmsk: “A Collection of Unreleased Pearls” to be released December 12th, 2014


Once started as an inconspicuous blog in December 2010, trndmsk is now ready to concquer the world of electronic music in the form of a newly-founded record label. After many years of discovering and browsing through countless works and musicians, with more than a handful of them hitting international music charts, trndmusik aims to release its discovered music by itself, starting from december 2014. The kick-off will be celebrated by a compilation release that thoroughly represents the platform’s taste and diversity; a compilation of 20 previously unreleased gems, produced with thoughtfulness and accuracy. The 20 music producers are exceedingly linked to the online magazine, and have now gathered to form an ensemble.

Bebetta, Oliver Schories, Einmusik, Nico Pusch, Lexer and Wankelmut are some of the producers that feel connected to trndmsk. In terms of geography, the collection travels from the far North – the home of Norwegian duo Of Norway – via Arjuna Schik‘s Amsterdam, Stereo Express‘ Belgian Flanders, two vibrant electronic music metropolises – Hamburg and Berlin – to the loveliest corners of Leipzig, Dresden and Erfurt where Marc DePulse, Talul, Jonas Woehl and David Jach live. The journey continues in Rhineland – to be precise: in Cologne with Melokind and Fennec & Wolf – via the gloomy banking city of Frankfurt, where Rey & Kjavik contribute their seemingly dark House music, and reaches its final destination in Ben-E & Falki‘s Vienna.

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01. Nico Pusch in the Mix (Continuous DJ Mix)
02. Unueberlegt in the Mix (Continuous DJ Mix)
03. Arjuna Schiks – Just Be Back By Bedtime
04. Bebetta – Space Seven
05. Ben-E & Falki feat. Leslie – Help Myself
06. Dan Caster – All I Want
07. David Jach – Nebula
08. Einmusik – Floating Orbits
09. Fennec & Wolf – Veredic
10. Jonas Woehl – Less Different
11. Lexer – Beyond All Doubt
12. Marc DePulse – Amsterdam
13. Melokind – Little Bee
14. Nico Pusch & Phable – So High
15. Nils Hoffmann – Animal Logic
16. Of Norway feat. Linnea Dale – We Only Know
17. Oliver Schories – One Thing
18. Rey & Kjavik – Dirty Flavour
19. Stereo Express – Trend!
20. Talul – Ivonna
21. Tinush – Philadelphia
22. Wankelmut – Oh Shit

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