Einmusika: Mononoid aus Groningen releasen EP


Andy Godderis und Igor Shumlyanskiy alias Mononoid haben die 37. Katalognummer des Berliner Labels Einmusika Recordings kreiert. Die beiden Niederländer veröffentlichten am 4. Februar 2015 ihre 4-Track-EP „Law Of Nature“ auf dem Imprint vom Künstler Einmusik. „Wir melden uns mit klaren und starken Vibes von Mononoid zurück“, so das Label. Wir sprachen mit den Produzenten über die EP und wieso sie auf Einmusika erscheint.

trndmsk: What was the idea for the „Law Of Nature“ EP?

Mononoid: To be honest, we don’t create our music following a certain idea or really think of a way how to produce or create something. We let the creative process take us over and see where it leads us, without deciding beforehand on a specific plan or where it should go or what Genre we want to produce in. We prefer to leave the process open and don’t limit ourselves by sticking to certain rules or types of music, it just so happened that this time we seemed to have ended up in a more Tech-Progressive kind of direction and tomorrow we might be on the other end of the spectrum.

After finishing the four tracks of the current EP, we realized that we felt a connection to nature, being outdoors and having a freedom of walking in the bush kind of feeling.

These two things combined led to the title Law of Nature which came quite naturally to overarch/combine/describe the album.

Where and why it was produced?

It wasn’t produced for a certain reason, it was simply the consequently outcome of our continuous working on new tracks and following inspiration we have. We produce in our home base Groningen, a city in Northern Netherlands, with a great cultural, vibrant vibe and home to many creative people in the business.

To be most efficient and to ensure each of us can express their ideas immediately when the muse hits us we each have a studio in different parts of the city where we work in solitude, sharing our ideas on the tracks back and forward.

We love the process as it is always surprising what the counterpart produced and what his take on a piece you send him will be. By this continuous exchange of ideas, motivation and feedback we created our own unexpected but exhilarating workflow leading to joint creations where we create our tracks in an constant back and forwarding of the song till we both are satisfied with the result.


How do you came to Einmusika Recordings?

As we produce tracks on a rolling basis and not with a special intent, genre or direction in mind we produced the tracks which are now on the EP and felt that they would not fit the direction of the Label we released before on a 100%. However, we loved the tracks and wanted to share them with the world.

We decided that the vibe and characters would fit the best with Einmusika, a label we played many records from during live performance, and send them our tracks. We hoped they would except one or two songs and cooperated with us in the future, but not even in our wildest imagination would we have expected the reaction we got. Instead of only two the label liked all four tracks and shared our vision of the natural basis of things which puts all 4 tracks in a symbiosis with each other and therefore couldn’t choose just two and decided to release this EP.

Although being many years in the business we still get excited when sending stuff to new labels as every new label is a new opportunity but also a new challenge. We always appreciate such an amazing feedback and are flattered when a label shares our love in the music and therefore it was a perfect match
What are the next projects? Which releases will follow?

Next will be a release of a three track EP on TraumSchallplatten and we just signed an EP at Guy Js Lost and Found label which we are very excited about. Of course also the fruitful cooperation with Einmusik will continue and you can look forward to the just finished four new summer breeze prog-tech tracks. We are sure that with that many releases coming up soon we will satisfy many different music lovers and hope the new tracks get an equally good and overwhelming feedback than the „Law Of Nature“ EP.


01. Mononoid – Triple Point
02. Mononoid – Bibi
03. Mononoid – Law Of Nature
04. Mononoid – Rhodopsin

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