trndmsk Future Stars #5: Trashlagoon – Nigel’s Nachtmusik


Sebastian Welicki and Niklas Freund from Düsseldorf, Germany are Trashlagoon. The two musicians have moved to Berlin by now and are known to produce atmospheric Techno melodies suitable for the living room as well as the dancefloor. After some releases via Lenient Tales, Traum Schallplatten from Cologne and French record label Delicieuse Records, the Techno duo is planning to release its second album by the end of the year. We spoke to the artists about their upcoming release and “Nigel’s Nachtmusik” mixtape– the fifth edition of our Future Stars series.

trndmsk: What was the atmosphere like when you made the podcast?

Trashlagoon: Very relaxed and deep into the night– as usual. We’re unconventional DJs and regard it as a mixtape. The blending must be perfect, the mood should be homogenous.

How did you choose the tracks? Did you have a certain concept in mind?

We like Pampa Records and stories. Our mixtape tells a story but you will have to listen closely.

Although it’s a full story– is there some kind of favorite track in the mix?

We don’t want to be arrogant, and the feeling probably won’t last long, but it’s actually a new track we made for “Madhira”, to be released via Traum Schallplatten on March 2nd, 2015.

You’re about to release your second album. What is it like? How long did it take you?

The second album will be dirtier, harsher and freer. We want to resonate in every sound; record everything at home, polish less, arrange more freely. We’d like to bow ourselves off that certain Techno context and work with less conventions. There are so many things we’ve learnt and so much time we spent in the studio. We’d like to produce tracks that work without electronic instruments and refine them only in the end.

That does sound promising. What’s the release date?

Unfortunately, we can’t tell yet. It might be released via Delicieuse Records by the end of the year.

What are you looking forward to besides that album?

We’re currently working on a gig and we’d like to play more DJ sets in the clubs. And a lot of work for the new album.

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