Cosmic Cowboys: „Quarterpast“ EP via Rotary Cocktail Recordings


Am Montag, den 2. März 2015, feierte das im Jahre 2004 gegründete Label Rotary Cocktail Recordings den Release der achten digitalen Katalognummer. Die EP wurde dabei vom italienischen Duo Cosmic Cowboys kreiert. „Quarterpast“, so der Titel der EP, umfasst zwei Original-Tracks und wird von einem Simon-Garcia-Remix abgerundet. Wir sprachen mit dem Produzenten-Team über die Entstehungsgeschichte der EP – und zudem feiert bei uns die Nummer „Carnivoro“ Stream-Premiere.

trndmsk: How do you find the idea for your new ep on Rotary Cocktail?

Cosmic Cowboys: After the release of our first album “Zero Gravity Love” in december 2013 we decided not to release any EP or remix for the following 7-8 months and spend this time experimenting different ways of producing our music and a different sound as well just to challenge ourselves to achieve new targets in our carrier as music producers. On our album project we chose a very exciting but complex music direction influenced by many styles but with a common “electronic pop touch” which required very difficult arrangements and specific edits and a diverse sound design for each track and more than anything else a maniacal attention for the details who were absolutely essential for the good result of the project. So after that we said ourselves to try the opposite direction and focus more on the hypnotism of the sounds and combining every single element of the loop just as in the tetris game to give to the listener the feeling that this loop could last forever and “Quarterpast EP” is the result. Dark, raw and hypnotic but still with a groovy end enthusiastic house vibe hidden among the sounds.

How do you produce it and where? Is there a story behind?

It was produced in our studio in Treviso, a small city not far away from Venice, where we relocated in the last years and where we set up our studio. The funny story behind is that these tracks were produced in different moments and not even together so we actually didn’t know anything about the existence of each other’s track as we both just tought about them as a tool to play with. Accidentally Nico got into the “Carnivoro” folder produced by Kaled and after getting in love with it he proposed Kaled to listen this other cut (Quarterpast) he produced so luckily we find out the perfect combination for this project. We finalized the tracks together and they were ready to be sent to Rotary Cocktail Recordings.

How did you find the contact to the label?

We are friends with youANDme since many years and we released already an EP on Rotary Cocktail together with Mr. Statik a couple of years ago where we also experienced a different sound from what we normally do for the other labels we work with. After the long LP production process it was for us a necessary step to take the release of a new EP for them and we definitely love working with Martin & Daniel cause they always try to push us to the edge of our music style and that’s why we are so happy with the “Quarterpast” project.

What are your next releases? Are you working on new projects? What could we expect this year from Cosmic Cowboys?

We’re absolutely back on track for 2015 with a lot of very interesting new projects are scheduled for the next months. In late march we’ll do our debut on Luca Bacchett’s imprint “Endless” where we will release our new track “One” on a V/A that will feature as well Luca himself, Guti, Alix Alvarez, Dance Spirit, Patlac, Johannes Brecht and Eduardo De La Calle. In april will follow an EP on the excellent spanish label “Galaktika” with a killer remix from Nils Penner and finally in may and june we have a combo of releases we’re really proud about as a full EP on “Endless” and our first single on „Last Night On Earth”. We have a strong feeling that 2015 will be a great year that will mark our return on the scenes with a brand new energy and the same motivation that lead us to begin this adventurein the electronic music many years ago.


01. Cosmic Cowboys – Quarterpast
02. Cosmic Cowboys – Quarterpast (Simon Garcia’s Raw Live Take)
03. Cosmic Cowboys – Carnivoro

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