Daniel Zuur und seine EP „Modest Day“


Die 95. Katalognummer des Label Katermukke ist draußen. Diesmal lieferte der aus Amsterdam stammende Daniel Zuur eine EP ab: „Modest Day“. Wir sprachen mit dem niederländischen Musikproduzenten über das Release – und wie der Kontakt zum Berliner Imprint zustande kam.

trndmsk: How did you get the idea for that EP? Where did you get the inspiration from?

Daniel Zuur: For this EP I was looking for an organic, natural sound with a bit of a club drive, without losing my own identity. It took me one year to come up with this fresh new sound. I went to Colombia to get more in touch with other grooves, different dance vibes and to learn about another point of view in terms of what music do with you. That trip was great, not only playing at a great club called Baum, but I also traveled through the country for three weeks. I’ve seen so many beautiful things and I met so many great people who enjoy life to the max. But it also made me realizing that this world is such a mass.

How and where did it accrued?

And so I started composing the two tracks. Like most of my music it all started with the melody and I absolutely wanted to make a club track with just subtle instruments. So I organized some soft organic instruments, like a marimba, nice sounding percussion sounds and a nylon guitar. And so I gave birth to „Modest Day“ EP.

How did you get contact to the label?

That’s a nice story: I was playing in 2011 in a small bar before Dirty Doering. I did an slow start up live set with my own productions. And this mr Doering was sitting there, enjoying the music and afterwards he ask me if I wanted to release some music on his Katermukke label. And so it happened in the summer of 2013.

What’s happening next? Are you working already on new projects?

These days I’m working on my debut album. After a few EP’s it’s about time to tell people another story I have. I’m also working with a ten headed band called Dialoque. It’s an electric- acoustic jam band with musicians from all sorts of backgrounds and genres. You should check out our latest EP on Spotify.


01. Daniel Zuur – Modest Day
02. Daniel Zuur – The World’s Burning
03. Daniel Zuur – Modest Day (Canson Remix)