trndmsk: “A Collection of Unreleased Summer Pearls”

Cover_Trndmsk 002_rotorange

You wouldn’t find pearls on the beach. If you really want a pearl you will have to dive for it. For over five years we’ve been browsing through boundless seas and branched forests to find powerful gems leaving a sharp impression while taking us on a journey. They infatuate, fascinate and delight the listeners falling in love with the works of art. What makes the quest most fun: the more unknown the artists, the more truthful the productions. After all, it is music that makes us do things we usually wouldn’t dare. It is a whirl we really like to jump into like a big and swinging web of silk and sorrow.

Following the first compilation – “A Collection of Unreleased Pearls” – is trndmsk’s second release this summer: 22 tracks by musicians, producers and composers dedicated to electronic music. Benn Finn, Braunbeck, coss, Die Vogelperspektive, Emil Berliner, Pierre Remy & The Latest Son, Drivepitcher, Jan Hertz & Rocko Garoni feat. Deeryona, Jonas Saalbach, Nikolas Noam, Raumakustik, René Bourgeois, Tony Casanova, Illy 
Noize, UNFUG, What Ever & Cubus, Elfgrin feat. Groovio, Borka & The
 Gang, Zusammenklang, David Hasert feat. Ice, Unueberlegt and Steven Moeller are the artists drawing us into different spheres- thanks to their summer pearls.

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01. Benn Finn – Paint It Red
02. Borka & The Gang – Galactica
03. Braunbeck – The Flow
04. coss – Dance Of Incarnation
05. David Hasert feat. Ice – Heartthrob
06. Die Vogelperspektive – Disco Lady
07. Drivepitcher – Lagom
08. Elfgrin feat. Groovio – Into New Life
09. Emil Berliner – Friend
10. Illy Noize – Love You Twice
11. Jan Hertz & Rocko Garoni feat. Deeryona – Spring
12. Jonas Saalbach – The Green Magpie
13. Nikolas Noam – Nostalghia
14. Pierre Remy & The Latest Son – Hydra
15. Raumakustik – Just Say
16. René Bourgeois – Play off
17. Steven Moeller – Me & You
18. Tony Casanova – Strangers From The Sky
19. UNFUG – Brut
20. Unueberlegt – Eyes On Me
21. What Ever & Cubus – Flaction
22. Zusammenklang – Longing