Old Dubdelay inspires Soukie & Windish to produce new EP


Soukie & Windish were part of this year’s Fusion Festival and have now published their recordings. Nayan Soukie and Fritz Windish are happy to celebrate their new release next week: “Forward Backyard”. “In this case we had a non-cosmic inspiration. The freeze function on our old Dubdelay was the key factor as it changes everytime you press play. We collected an infinite amount of takes which was a lot of fun”, say the two music producers who are set to release a new track via Musik Gewinnt Freunde as well as a new EP on their own record label URSL. They worked out the original concept during their Australia and New Zealand tour: “We’ve worked on a lot of the tracks in Melbourne.” They had five different versions of “Forward Backyward” and were spoilt for choice.


The three tracks are ready to be released by Audiomatique Recordings on July 6th, 2015– “Frame 2” can be streamed on trndmusik full length. “We got in contact with the label via Tobias Lampe, head of Superstition Network.” Soukie & Windish are working on their second studio album following their 2013 release “A Forest”. “We met him at a SoundCloud event and kind of used the hot wire. He sent it to Bug in Mexico who confirmed immediately.”


01. Soukie & Windish – Forward Backyard
02. Soukie & Windish – Frame 2
03. Soukie & Windish – Soul Daughter