trndmsk Future Stars #14: Florian Rietze – Slippy Roads


There are artists who really amaze me and prove that it pays off to look for new musicians– no matter how hard it may be to find them. Florian Rietze, who had contributed a Sound of the Week four years ago, is one of these artists. Since that time the musician from Potsdam has had great releases via URSL, Délicieuse Records and Steyoyoke. Rietze discovered electronic music in 2005 after he had gotten into motion with Hip Hop and Breakdance. Visiting SonneMondSterne festival turned out to be life-changing. Ten years later is the perfect time to deliver a mix for trndmsk, part 14 of our Future Stars series: “Slippy Roads”. Rietze is a rising star in the electronic music heaven.


01. No Regular Play – Owe Me (Nicolas Jaar Mix)
02. Dactilar, Vidall – The Device
03. Zebra Centauri – Zweiheit
04. Luca Musto & Florian Rietze (more info soon)
05. Christopher Schwarzwalder & David Dorad feat. Iannis Ritter – Elevator Music
06. Florian Rietze – Easy
07. Luca Musto & Florian Rietze (more info soon)
08. Pablo Acenso & Juan Deminicis – Opposite Poles
09. Mastra Jon Donson – Out of Nowhere (Pablo Bolivar Remix)
10. El Mundo & Satori – Secret Places
11. Patrick Zigon – Ich See (Pablo Bolivar Rework)
12. Evren Ulusoy – Rhythmate (The Timewriter Remix)

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