10 years of Connaisseur Recordings – Offenbach label presents jubilee release

“In our scene, ten years is a very long time”, says Alex Flitsch, founder of Connaisseur Recordings. And he says so for a reson: his home base will be celebrating its tenth birthdays this year. The Offenbach-based imprint decided to publish a two-piece collection titled “10y of Connaisseur”. “We didn’t have a master plan when we started the record label”, says Flitsch, “we just wanted to release the music we love.” The DJ and music lover describes the development and growth of Connaisseur as very natural and sustainable: “Our leitmotifs have always been melodies, deepness and emotions – from “Eve By Day” until now.”

A jubilee in two parts

Flitsch was looking for six exclusive tracks to be released in two parts: “I like the energy of two creative minds coming together and creating something special.” Thus, the chosen artists are Olderic and Peter Pardeike, Lehar and Musumeci, Silky Raven and Solaris 100, Aril Brikha and Chymera, The Element and Alex Flitsch as well as Of Norway and singer Linnea Dale. “Some of the artists have already worked together in the past, others have not”, states Flitsch. The collection, due to be released digitally and as a limited vinyl (May 30th, 2016), includes everything from modern Trance, Electronica and Detroit Techno to melodic Tech House as well as a cover version of a 90’s Rock classic. The first part will come into stores on May 16th, 2016. The second one will follow two weeks later.

We spoke to Olderic and Peter Pardeike about their track “Connaisseur”:


trndmsk: What inspired you to produce the track?

Olderic und Peter Pardeike: Before we started to produce we exchanged some of our favourite tracks to see which direction each of us had in mind. We discovered to have a common vision on some kind of music we love. The idea was to do something “evergreen” not only for the dancefloor but for the connoisseurs, too.

Where did you record it? And how?

After some discussions on Skype and facebook each of us started creating some ideas with hard- and software in each of our studios. Olderic recorded some arps and some atmospheres. Peter worked on the effects, grooves and other sounds. Then we exchanged our sketches and decided what’s good and as a next step we started to combine several elements of our ideas. With every step we came closer to the final track. To be honest it came really easy. For sure it came from our soul.

How did you get in contact with Flitsch?

Olderic was already part of the Connaisseur family, and the idea for the 10 years release was that each artist asks someone he would like to collaborate with, so Olderic asked Peter Pardeike and he agreed to join him for this special project.


What’s up next after the release? Are you working on any other projects?

We both want to continue our collaboration and work on an EP together in the future. Peter Pardeike is currently working on his own EP on Connaisseur Recordings. Olderic is going to release the Compost Black Label mix series n.6 (w/ Musumeci), working on an EP with Lehar, and his first EP on Connaisseur before the end of the year is planned as well.

Tracklist of “10y of Connaisseur Part 1”:

01. Olderic & Peter Pardeike – Connaisseur
02. Lehar & Musumeci – Azymuth
03. Silky Raven & Solaris 100 – Stars

Tracklist of “10y of Connaisseur Part 2”:

01. Aril Brikha & Chymera – Nihari
02. The Element & Alex Flitsch – Puma
03. Of Norway feat. Linnea Dale – Pets