trndmsk Future Stars #24: Julian Falk – Atīndriya


“I wanted to record a mix that is more driving than the last one”, says Julian Falk reflecting on his style of music. “Also, I’m a bit sad sometimes that so many beautiful tracks don’t make it into a mix. There’s a high frequency of good releases and your own taste changes constantly anyway.” He was inspired to produce the set during an open air performance in a forest glade surrounded by a river near Halle (Saale). “I was guided by the atmosphere of the nighttime set, rearranged some ideas and took it from there.” The mix, titled “Atīndriya”, was recorded on Ableton at different sites over the last weeks: his new home, his native home and the train rides in between. By recording the set he wanted to add more variety to his previous sets on SoundCloud: “This one was designed to be more danceable and reflect the sets I usually play at night.”

A special track by Gab Rhome

There is no such thing as his most favorite track included in the mix: “If I had to choose one I would go with “Mount Fuji’s Romance Federation”, a new track by Gab Rhome. It’s just perfect, a great track to daydream to. But to be fair, I think that with this track I personally associate a lot of great memories and emotions from last summer.” Generally, Julian Falk likes to play all kinds of different tracks but recently there have been some that he tends to play regularly: “For this type of mix, Kincaid and Sinal’s remix of Kotu’s “Skoura”, Amentia’s “Miracle D’Hwange” and, of course, “Mount Fuji’s Romance Federation” by Gab Rhome are very suitable.” Over the next weeks, Julian will be performing at a number of gigs, including a small autumn open air in Dresden, Werkleitz Festival and a tranquil, meditative Downtempo event in Halle. “Apart from that, I’d like to focus on creating my own productions over the next months. Also, me and my crew are always looking for new ways to realise distinct events.”

His mixtape “Atīndriya” is the 24th edition of our trndmsk Future Stars series.

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