trndmsk Future Stars #28: San Miguel – Symphony Of Insanity


Berlin-based DJ and music producer San Miguel recently mixed the 28th edition of trndmsk’s Future Stars series: “Symphony Of Insanity”.

trndmsk: Miguelo, what can we expect to hear for the next 144 minutes?

San Miguel: Well, let’s see… (laughs). People who know me are aware of the fact that I don’t like expectations. It usually comes with some kind of asseessment. I’d say that it will be a multi-faceted journey full of spirit, deepness and a good touch of craziness.

How did you choose the tracks? Where and how did you record the set?

Well, to be honest I didn’t choose that much. As I said, it was a very spontaneous performance after a crazy and impressive gig in Istanbul last weekend. I was probably a bit energised when I came home, and had a sore throat. There was no way I was going to sleep so I started a musical journey without any intention. In short: I just presssed the record button and played a lot of tunes of the previous gigs. Voilà– through some anticipation and quick synchronicity the 144-minute recording came to you.

What would you like to achieve as a DJ and music producer? Or do you prefer to take life as it comes and to not set any goals?

Yeah, as you said: I like to sing and swing around. I’ll allow anything that’s harmonious! My wishes and visualisation are rather bound to our mankind as a whole. And there’s a lot to heal, I think. This is why I work in other areas as well, but that’s off topic. As for myself, I am in absolute fulness and gratitude, and have my own processes as well.

What’s up next in the near future?

Phew… There’s always something coming up. Pure dynamics! “There’s always something going on” is a great saying and really true in this case. Sometimes I can pause myself and go into calmness and earthing– to me that’s very important. As I am a father of two kids, loving all kinds of people with my heart swinging for anything, there usually really is something going on. Maybe it would be good to share that I have a new project coming up in the near future. The project involves two girls, one of them being my wonderful partner and soulmate. Yes, there will be another label yet again, but it’s going a lot deeper and further than the music itself. Let yourselves be surprised! A pot full of colourful surprises with a lot of love and humility.

Any gigs coming up? Are you planning to produce and release some music soon?

I’ll go abroad for some gigs first. There’ll be a fantastic and ceremonial gathering in Mallorca, followed by the 10th edition of Pan-o-rama Full Moon Festival on La Gomera, my second home. There might be a gig at Horde Paris, too.
In terms of releases, again there’s always something in the making. Since I’ve had a few delays recently there’ll be a number of releases. I am especially looking forward to the special remix release of Tuğçe Kurtiş’ “Yıldızların Altında” to which I’ll be contributing a great remix. The other artists on that release are truly outstanding: Alvauro Saurez, The Soul Brothers, Ali Kuru, Rodrigo Gallardo and Acid Pauli.

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