trndmsk Future Stars #31: El Mundo – When the Fog is Gone


“The mix is a grasp out of feelings and emotions I had over this period”, says El Mundo about his contribution to trndmsk’s Future Stars series. “How a mix comes about certainly depends on how I feel and the experiences I had over this last period.” His podcast “When the Fog is Gone” starts with a scene of the movie ‘Windriver’: “In the movie, the tension is perfectly built up with great music from Nick Cave and Warren Ellis. I was pretty moved by the movie and kept on listening to the soundtrack. So this movie and it’s drama combined with the soundtrack was a big inspiration for the mix.” The artist collects his music over time always looking for new inspiration: “I collect music over months by getting it directly from labels or buying it online and on vinyl. And since my harddrive is pretty full I also directly get rid of the music that doesn’t touch me. So in the week before the mix is due I will relate to how I feel and pick a ‘last selection’ for the mix.”

It’s only me and my music now

When it comes to the production, El Mundo trusts in Ableton: “For me it just works best.” He recorded the set in his studio in Berlin. Apart from that, he focuses on the projects going on at the moment. “But not too much. I’m happy with the steps I make and always having a growth in mindset. Maybe sometimes things don’t go that fast but I’m fine with it. And with a growth in mindset and the trust in yourself things will come sooner or later.” Besides, he is working on a new live set: “It’s a new path which gets me out of my comfort zone. As a DJ I’ve been playing for 15 years now. It’s only me and my music now, so that’s pretty challenging.” Also, El Mundo is working on an EP with ZAZOU: “It’s going to be different than my earlier EPs. But I like it, try to improve and do new things.”

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