trndmsk Future Stars #34: Luca Musto – State of Grind


Eternal Boogie – that’s what to expect from the newest Future Stars podcast. “Actually, it’s a profile of my impressions and sources of inspiration, or as Howlin Wolf says: “See, this man got the blues right there”,” says Luca Musto about “State of Grind”. “There are several ambiguities and political statements I built into the mix– for the profound listener, so to speak.” The suitable tracks kind of just came to him once he had the concept. “Some of the tracks I had used in earlier sets as well– always well-chosen, of course”, says the musician. He had the idea to produce the set a few weeks ago in Andalusia where he played at the Wakana Lake Festival, alongisde the likes of BLOND:ISH, Stimming and Stavroz: “Later on I further thought about the concept in Berlin and Amsterdam and just recently finished it during my stay in London.”

Rundum entspannt

The outro by New York artist El Michels Affair is his favorite track in the mix: “Absolutely recommend that project to everyone interested in thinking (or listening) outside the box. Unfortunately, that’s a rare thing in our scene.” In his DJ sets he currently includes a lot of own and fresh material, remixes and edits: “Besides that, there’s almost always something involving Galcher Lustwerk, Crazy P and The Revenge.” Other than that, Luca Musto likes to sit back and take things as they come: “Still, in the future I could see myself going back to producing for bands or other artists– this is what I miss. A while ago, when I was producing music for rappers and singers, the creative process was a lot more diverse and exciting.” At the moment, he is working on his next EP before collecting ideas for his album: “Also, there is a release coming up with Loewenthal and a new remix for Los Suruba’s label. Right now I’m in Mexico where I am lucky to play gigs in Mexico City, Tulum and Queretaro. Besides, I’m looking forward to returning to Tel Aviv and Istanbul soon.” Furthermore, he is working on a new release planned to be published later this year: “I released the collaboration “After All” with Iorie and also produced a remix for Serafin Audio Imprint.”

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