Die “Abundance” EP von Victor Norman erscheint auf MŎNɅDɅ

Abundance ARTWORK_SC

“Abundance” is a mystical electronic composition of driving beats and clear sounds that goes deep under your skin. It tells us a story of long forgotten wealth. We live in an immeasurable abundance and diversity. An abundance which we have to rediscover and to understand – internally as well as externally. A person who constantly strives for possession withdraws from this fullness. We have to stop defining ourselves solely through external things and get back to our real selves within. If we understand how richly gifted we are, we can finally feel free and begin to give back from our hearts. This inner richness does not only change the individual being but the individual will in turn change the world around him likewise, as abundance is based on life-affirming behaviours such as compassion and love for everything that is. To develop an understanding of genuine abundance would mean a revolution in the history of mankind.

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01. Victor Norman feat. Nasiri – Abundance
02. Victor Norman feat. Nasiri – Abundance (Rabih Rizk Odyssey Remix)
03. Victor Norman feat. Nasiri – Abundance (MiRET Remix)
04. Victor Norman feat. Nasiri – Abundance (Anatolian Sessions & Menachem 26 Remix)