From the old to the new – Rabih Rizk releases his „Samhain“ ep on MŎNɅDɅ


„Samhain“ tells a profound story of an ancient custom through rousing rhythms and a variety of powerful vibrant instruments. The two original tracks by Rabih Rizk „Samhain“ and „Yala Tnam“ are followed by lively remixes of Tebra, Zuma Dionys, Anemoia & Boti and Onur Diner.

To „Samhain“ the fires are kindled. People dance and celebrate with the blazing flames. The fire, so the ancient belief, protects against negative energies and brings light and warmth into the cold season. The old customs were not lost, they found their own ways to survive any time. In recent years, people have more than ever remembered ancient customs, including „Samhain“.

It is the night that symbolizes the transition from the old to the new. Death creates new life. On this special night of „Samhain“, the gates to the other world are wide open. Everything is possible in the spaces between old and new life. There are no laws and no rules. The beings of the other world visit us humans. The living enter the world of the dead with the help of trance, intoxication and ecstasy. Everything is upside down.

MŎNɅDɅ will release „Samhain“ on April 8th, 2019.