„I believe music is a language“ – Vedat Mutlu releases his album „Luna“ on Baikal Nomads


Imprint Baikal Nomads is happy to announce its second official album created by talented Vedat Mutlu called „Luna“. „When i record something, most important thing for me is that the track must make you feel something when you listen; sad or happy, excited or done. I need to feel. I believe music is a language that has no specific words in it, instead of words, it has feelings those you should shape as an artist to communicate with others. After that, i believe, it has to be a story, a track should tell you something. So every track in Luna correspond to a feeling and tells you a story. I hope you feel something close to my feelings and like the stories that I told“, says Mutlu about the longplayer.

Baikals Nomads will release „Luna“ on March 23rd, 2019.