Slow Nomaden veröffentlicht sein erstes Album – „Journey“


On his first full length Album „Journey“, Slow Nomaden takes us on a deep and diverse trip to his world of organic electronic music. The 13 tracks represent different chapters on his fictive journey that draws inspiration from different cultures and music genres. Downtempo, Electronica and Deep House mixed with exotic sounds and instruments, following the path of a multicultural fusion without borders. „Welcome To The Journey“ serves as an Intro to more than an hour of music to listen, dream and dance to, while escaping your stressful everyday life. Tropical sounds and beautiful melodies guide your way to the energizing offbeat vibe of La Nia. Tranquilo continues with the slow beats and the tropical flavours but adds some trippy pads and arpeggios. „Palmas is characterized by flamenco sounds and rythms combined with electronic elements, slow 44 beats and a heavy bassline.Tabla grooves and Sitar melodies fuse with cool downtempo grooves on Space Sitar.“Sun“ sounds like an oriental trip into the desert, where the sun can be a blessing or a curse. Expect an electronic downtempo vibe driven by a deep percussion groove, 44 beats and an infectious Oud riff.The mystical atmosphere of „Mountain Spirits“ with its drone sounds and oriental deep house beats is intensified through its melancholic duduk melodies and piano chords. „Hang Loose“ combines instruments and sounds from the Bosporus with a deep and pumping electronic beat to build a bridge between sounds from Asia and Europe.“Shadows is a deep Afro House track that is driven by a massive bass line and a Darbuka groove. Mysterious synth pads and arpeggios remind us on the shadow side of the journey.On Magic Carpet Slow Nomaden delivers an epic 7 minute Electronica track inspired by the fairy tales of One Thousand and One Nights.Carried by a warm percussion groove, phasing pads and deep 44 beats the track fuses oriental vibes with organic electronic sounds to create a dreamy melodic trip.After some more upbeat tracks Moon slows it down again with a deep meditative groove. Seed lets us imagine warm organic sounds that sprout out of the ground like different leaves to build a new musical organism.On the last chapter of the journey, Slow Nomaden creates a melancholic downtempo track, that includes some unexpected breaks, which reflect those illusions we are all facing from time to time in life. Expect organic grooves, electronic string sounds, slow 44 beats, piano chords and an other-worldly voice on „Illuson“.