A very lively and diverse tracklists of originals – Oskar Szafraniec releases his EP „Floating“ on Traum Schallplatten


For all of you who don’t know Oskar Szafraniec yet, the Polish artist is hard to pin point, since his interests range from deep electronica, to minimal music, to jazzy compositions and to anything which he invents for himself in his studio or in combination with other people or bands. Next to our release he will release an EP on R&S this year. In the past he has worked with people such as Ricardo Villalobos, A Guy called Gerald, he has teamed up with Perlon’s Wareika and this year will be a busy and special year for Oskar, so Traum Schallplatten is happy to have an elaborate EP with him. Oskar is above all a very free minded spirit, a true artist and a great soul mate when it comes to grasping the fine lines in a release.

The EP „Floating“ features a very lively and diverse tracklists of originals, each track doing something very different. From the deep house track „Floating“ on which he has cooperated with Benjamin Yellowitz, to the minimal groover „Shizuoka“, to the singer songwriter piece „Dirty Heart“ and finally featuring a great work of electronica with „Winter Strawberry „. Remix wise we have involved a combination of Oskar Szafraniec related artist such as Piotr Bejnar and Herck and the Traum/Trapez artists Ron Flatter and Maharti.

trndmsk: What inspired you to produce the EP?

Oskar Szafraniec: This particular EP is sort of my diary. Each track has been recorded in a different time of my life, in a different period and has a very strong meaning for me. Most of the time I write music to simply let my feelings go or to simply try to capture what and how I felt in that very moment so that when I listen to it, I feel like I travel in time. I believe sounds and harmonies have more power than just words, it’s my medium of comunication, the way to speak, the way I can make myself clear.

Where did you record it? And how?

„Dirty Heart“ is actually a song I’ve written and recorded in May 2012. I was 17, it was just before I quit my school and moved to Berlin to start working on music with A Guy Called Gerald. In that time I was very angry with the system, I hated school, I hated beeing told what to do and so I felt more and more lonely, I began to escape even deeper into music than before. I used a microphone which is originaly a part of drum mic set, I borrowed it from my friend who’s a drummer, I simply didn’t have any other one back then, I guess that’s what gives it a special touch tho. It’s the details, the small things.

„Winter Strawberry“ is the first track I’ve produced right after I moved to Berlin. At that time I was living in Prenzlauer Allee with a bunch of friends, music nerds. It was winter time and I was totally in love with electronica Telefon Tel Aviv, Aphex Twin, Squarepusher. I would go through the records every day, we were trying a lot of stuff back then.

„Shizuoka“ is a track I’ve started to work on during my tour in Japan in 2013. Sitting in my ex girlfriends family home, alone in the room, looking at Mount Fuji early morning and playing with those chords. I then got back home and finished it. I used old analogue synthesizer Moog The Rogue and drums been fully programmed on the old Korg Electribe ER-1. I then sent it through the old Studer Desk to get that lovely warm sound.

„Floating“ was recorded actually also recorded few years back but I was missing the vocal, very particular style of voice and I couldn’t find any right person for ages. I spoke then to my publisher and he sent me few ideas, when I heard Ben’s voice I was blown away. It was exactly what I was looking for. I spoke to him online, we got along pretty well, sending files between Berlin and London. He then came to visit me for one day, actually for one night and here it is!

How did you get in contact with the record label?

Label owner Riley contacted me via Facebook after listening to my album with Pier Bucci I released last year – BUSZ™ – Symmetry LP. We stayed in touch since then, sharing thoughts, ideas and the music. Traum Schallplatten is a team of passionated people and I’m honoured to be able to join into their discography with my little output.

What’s up next after the release? Are you working on any other projects?

Constantly questioning life via music medium. Many records are about to come out this year, I have releases coming through R&S, Deset, Curtea Veche, Moment Records, Skylax and more.


01. Floating feat. Benjamin Yellowitz
02. Shizuoka
03. Dirty Heart
04. Winter Strawberry
05. Dirty Heart (Piotr Bejnar Remix)
06. Floating feat. Benjamin Yellowitz (Herck Remix)
07. Floating feat. Benjamin Yellowitz (Ron Flatter Remix)
08. Floating feat. Benjamin Yellowitz (Mahrti Remix)