Dominating melodic elements – VALLANT releases his EP „Transitions“ on Incroyable


Incroyable Music’s first release of the year comes with the news of Dopish’s split as a duo, with newly named VALLANT stepping up solo to deliver his „Transitions“ EP. The title track „Transitions“ kicks off the two tracker with dominating melodic elements left hanging in the air as deep empowering kicks shake your soul and warming string synth billow around you in what is a rolling and quality production. „Vogue“ welcomes more minimalist features, delayed and reverb soaked hooks echo from wall to wall, whilst trippy acidic whirrs tumble and fall in energetic movements. The groove is simple here, liquid hats teetering over yet more simplistic and highly effective kicks. The breakdown sees you thrown into a darker side of ‘Vogue’, before the groove returns with a euphoric moment.



trndmsk: You started Vallant in 2019 and that’s your first EP?

VALLANT: That’s not my first, but my first solo project. I started maybe ten years ago with a former friend of mine and we decided to go separate ways end of last year. We toured as Dopish and were part of Incroyable Music from Cologne. I decided to continue as Vallant in Spring this year and Transitions EP is my very first release and I´m really excited to present my first piece of music to you.

What inspired you to produce the EP?

I actually started to produce the Tracks of my „Transitions“ EP a while ago but I wasn’t able to finish them off so I had get an emotional distance to it, cause I wasn’t able to make neutral decisions anymore. I guess I couldn’t finish it because I worked more than I should have on the individual tracks. Beginning of this year I decided to work on this EP again. After I did some minor changes I felt like this could be a cool combination of themes for an EP. I send it to some closely connected artists and they gave me some extra advices which I considered as good and now you can listen to the result.

Where did you record it? And how?

I produced both of the Tracks in my studio and it’s the only place I’m totally connected to all of my tools and musical approaches. The workflow is a result of many years working and learning the hardware I work with. Also there are most of the Synthesizers I’m using completely self-programmed and that’s by now an own kind of style I’m really comfortable with. The workhorse in my studio is absolutely the Prophet 8 from DSI and I think most of the sounds of the present EP are recorded out of it. Luckily I got my ADAM AUDIO S3V a view month ago, that I could do the final touches and benefit a lot of the clarity and precision of these beautiful speakers.

What’s up next after the release? Are you working on any other projects?

Presently I’m working on an EP for Incroyable as well, this one will be a special one with some piano improvisations and a remix of Locked Groove from Berlin. In addition, I will take part of a lift of of the album of my close friend Fabio Vanore as well as some extraordinary artists like RedShape or XY.