„Its about a time when I was forced to lay aside all my activities“ – Aparde releases his second album on Ki Records


Art has the power to mirror and capture its creators surroundings and environment. Art can also reflect something much more personal by offering us a glimpse of the artist’s mind. „Hands Rest“, the second studio album by German composer and musician Aparde, does both. While reflecting the essence of Berlin’s club scene, in which Aparde undoubtedly is immersed in, the album also takes us to the depths of the musician himself, far from clubs and live sets, to a world that is both intimate and profound. “I think that I always process circumstances unconsciously in my music and that my way of thinking is full of internal conflicts,” he says. It is this duality, of an artist who is both entertaining Berlin’s nightlife through electronic sounds and delving deep into his own emotions through avant-garde pop, that epitomises Aparde’s work.

„Hands Rest“, which was created over the span of one year, has a cathartic feel to it, “the process was very diffused in terms of time, because over the past year my life circumstances have been very complicated and often frustrating, and I had to motivate myself again and again.” While he crafted the tracks, Aparde was in fact processing his own thoughts and feelings after the end of a long relationship, and listeners navigate through varying soundscapes that seem to accompany Aparde’s own internal commotions as he himself navigated a turbulent year. “It [the break up] was accompanied by numbness and repression. This was followed by a period of inactivity and the thought of ending my activity as a musician,” he tells. But while pain, anger and melancholy can be felt in tracks, Hands Rest also contains moments of transcendental insight and “breakthroughs” that evoke comfort and acceptance. For Aparde, making music has always had a therapeutic effect, and many of the album’s tracks take psychological states as a starting point on a journey of selfknowledge. Take the album’s first track, Tar, whose tone is at once heavy and subdued, or tar-like as Aparde notes, “like a dark sticky mass into which one dives.” For Aparde, the track refers to the emotions of denial and acceptance that are so intrinsic to the human experience; “To live with
what you do not want to live but learn to live with.”

„Hands Rest“ will be out on Ki Records on the 7th of June, 2019.

trndmsk: Paul, how long did it take you to produce the album?

Aparde: About one year with some phases of remotivation and inactivity in between. The instrumental version of the single „Hands Rest“ was the first track which I finished around late 2017. Early 2018 I recorded the vocals for it. After that, I wrote „Tar“ and decided to make a new album.

How did you choose the title of the LP? Is there a special meaning behind it?

Probably its about a time when I was forced to lay aside all my activities and tried to reanimate myself. Its also about coping with bad habits and getting rid of them.

What inspired you to produce the tracks and the LP?

I was thinking about stop making music, but after all, I had a very strong will to continue to do what I love, what I was working for the last years and where I get my positive energy. Furthermore, the greatest inspiration is always the same: love, pain and every kind of self-issues. Sounds trivial, but I think it’s simple as that.

Where and how did you produce the tracks?

Most of the time I was producing in my home studio in Wedding, Berlin. Then I was on Usedom, a Baltic Sea island, for about one month to make the vocal recordings and do the mixing for the album. I used mostly analog instruments and outboard effects and did long recording sessions to make it sound alive. Also, the percussive sounds are played and recorded by myself.

How was the feedback so far?

Needless to say, everyone is loving the single Hands Rest haha. It’s my favorite too, the track combines energy and sensitivity in an innovative way, how I would like to realize it in every track I will make in the future. I was already playing live some of the album tracks and they work pretty well.

How and why did you choose Ki Records?

I released my last Album „Glass“ on Ki. They have motivated me to do a new album – there was no doubt about doing this with them again.

What’s up next after the release? Any plans and projects?

Reflecting and a new album, of course. I’m also going on tour and will play some shows Germany and Europe-wide.


01. Tar
02. Hands Rest
03. Simple Things
04. No Need
05. Integrity
06. Layers
07. Foreign
08. Intimacy

Aparde’s upcoming tour

18.05. Bahnwärter Thiel, Munich (Germany)
25.05. Futur2 Festival, Hamburg (Germany)
07.06. Ritter Butzke, Berlin (Germany)
12.06. Corsica Studios, London (UK)
15.06. Cross Club, Praha (Czech Republic)
12.07. Feel Festival (Germany)
26.07. Atom Festival (France)
27.07. Harry Klein, Munich (Germany)
10.08. Fabric, London (UK)
12.08. Sommer Klein, Cesme (Turkey)
06.09. Klaus, Zurich (Switzerland)
07.09. Viertel, Basel (Switzerland)
14.09. Festival Cool V Plote, Pisek (Czech Republic)

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