Minimal and moody atmosphere – My Favorite Robot remix the new EP from Turbokitchen

MTK047 Artwork

New to the label Motek Music are exited to welcome Italian duo Turbokitchen who have brought the records label their unique musical styling. This two track EP begins with title track “Frequency 47034”. This groove based production is full of dry raw textures that are allowed to play against each other in a spacious stripped back arrangement. The second track “Wildlife In Your Town” has more drive through the low end providing a base for melodic and flowing sultry pad parts. Putting their takes on this release Motek have My Favorite Robot and Marcus Sur again on remix duty. My Favorite Robot, in complete contrast to the original of “Wildlife In You Town” has a minimal, moody atmosphere. Dark in feel with added stab hits, the track is pulled along by the open kick drum on top of which glitch effects add a lightness into an otherwise deep track. Marcus Sur has taken on “Frequency 47034” with his driving, techno led style. Fast moving percussive elements and bass parts add speed to the track in which he has utilised the original lead with his own additions of similar textured orchestration.

Motek will release “Frequency 47034” on April 22nd, 2019.

trndmsk: What inspired you to make the remix? How did you approach the original track?

My Favorite Robot: We always liked the Turbokitchen guys as we’ve released some of their earlier work so it was a pleasure to remix their tune and we’re glad to be a part of a really nice ep.

Where and how did you produce it?

We recorded it in Montreal at Voytek’s home studio. Just chopped up the stems and went for it.

How did you get in contact with the record label? Who asked you for the remix?

We are close with the Motek crew since our early days so they hit us up for this and since we were already fans of Turbokitchen it was a great fit.

What’s up next after the release? Are you working on other projects?

Currently we are working on new original music so expect an ep or two from us very soon.


01. Turbokitchen – Frequency 47034
02. Turbokitchen – Wildlife In Your Town
03. Turbokitchen – Wildlife In Your Town (My Favorite Robot Remix)
04. Turbokitchen – Frequency 47034 (Marcus Sur Remix)