“The dark and unknown, the confrontation with death” – Sun Shy Boy releases his EP “It’s So Nice To Die” on Freeride Millenium


Freeride Millenium welcomes multi-faceted artist Emile Lagarde aka Sun Shy Boy for a new six track EP “It’s So Nice To Die” that finds him digging deep into his own psyche to serve up a heartbroken ode to loss and loneliness. We spoke about the release.

trndmsk: What inspired you to produce the EP?

Sun Shy Boy: After my father passed away a few years ago, I didn’t recognise myself. I was suddenly forced to rediscover who I thought I was and how I perceive the world. Trough music I could acces a private space where I could explore these strange new feelings, without criticising myself to much. Music has always been a space for where I could rediscover myself, and let my voice sound, whatever color or texture it might have.

My music doesn’t come from a place of pure inspiration, it’s frustration and experiment, it’s just something I do when I feel shitty or weird. It’s actually those feelings, the dark and unknown, the confrontation with death, that made me work on it more, because I think it’s important. I think I can share something that can help people. In the same way so many artists have helped me just by putting their stuff online.

Where did you record it? And How?

It was recorded in my living room. I have a home studio there with synths, drumcomputers and some instruments. I recorded all vocals when I was alone. Scared anybody might hear me. Scared of singing too loudly. And then finding moments where I would break the silence and fully go for it. I don’t want to bother anyone. I recorded it drinking Veltins half-a-litre beers, smoking cigarettes alone in the night, caved in. Improvising on beats I quickly put together. I’m an impulsive guy, I can make a beat in half an hour and when it feels good I just improvise lyrics over it and it’s done. The only problem is you start thinking about it to much and then you end up re-editing the same song for two years only to get back to the original version in the end.

We are too much into thinking, for some creative processes it really stands in the way. I spend like two years on this EP. In the end I had like more then 100 songs and fragments collected, the most difficult part was, choosing them and arranging them so they made sense together. I think my next release is gonna be soon, I have so much material.

How did you get into contact with Freeride Millenium?

They found me online. I think after I dropped my first EP “Himalaya” on SoundCloud, they found some tracks, I think: “Where did you go?” which I don’t know if it’s still online, maybe I re-issue it one time, and the title track: “Himalaya”.
It’s so cool, that some strangers can just find you online, and offer their support. They happen to be the sweetest people and respect my artistic freedom so I don’t feel I have to worry about losing my independence. Which is important for me. I’m a free artist, I also make performances and dance works so I wanna be in control over what I make.

What’s up next after the release? Are you working on any other projects?

I just finished performing a concert in the Veem House for Performance, a theater in Amsterdam. It was Sun Shy Boy’s theatre debut. I worked together with Bea1991 and it was a great experience. I love performing live and I think it all comes down to the love for something. I love producing as well, but performing live, improvising, taking risks, thats really exciting.

I think music can be done for so many reasons. It’s important to be aware what you are working for. For what, for who are you mixing for example, for live? For people to listen on they Apple earplugs by themselves? There’s so many different stages, I think it helpt to be ware of them. 
For example, this EP sound very thick to me, it’s compressed and in-your-face, I don’t necessarily think it always sounds pleasant, but it transfers a feeling, that’s important to me.

We finished the video for “It’s So Nice To Die”, the title track of this release, which I am really happy with. It’s the first video I made that im happy with the content. I’m doing a dance performance in June in Amsterdam art space called ISO. As I said, I’m a choreographer and this is going to be a work about the relationship between the body and music. A body of sound, in my choreographic work I normally play with these two elements; our physical bodies and the body of sound.

I have a few concerts lined up, 19th of April In Heesterveld Creative Community and the
 20th in OCCII in Amsterdam. 

And more more more in the future!

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