The magic of the 80ies – new mixtape by RVNT


RVNT released a brand new mixtape for bigcitybeats!

trndmsk: When did you record the set?

RVNT: I recorded this set March 20th.

What surrounded you at the time? What inspired you to produce the mix?

I am a kid of the 80ies and I was always a big fan of electronic music, new wave and synty sounds. This is my second synthesizer mix and I like it a lot to choose and look for these special sounds.

How did you get in contact with bigcitybeats?

I use to have back in the days a good connection with bigcitybeats. I made there every month a mix for their radio show. Due different circumstances we lost contact in the last years. Couple a weeks ago we catch up and I presented the project RVNT. They like it and here we are with a new monthly radio show.

How did you choose the tracks?

I wanted to do something different and as I said I like a lot this 80ies electronic sound. There are a lot of very good producers at the moment, who brings back the magic of these century, in a modern version.

Do you have a favorite track included in the mix?

Sure, my favorite track is for sure „Rose in Japan“ by VOON. This track is really magic, positive and so cool. Make me dream.

What three songs do you tend to use in your current sets?

Voon – Rose in Japan
Krytal Klear – Euphoric Dreams
Jennifer Touch – Chemestry (Llewellyn Retouch)

What are your near future projects?

I will focus now on production and to fill the schedule. Other then that I work on the radio shows for bigcitybeats, youfm and ibizaliveradio. I have my own event by the name of Sonorous. Next one will be on April 30th. We open The Roof in Giessen and on May 29th I will have as special guest Gerd Janson. My focus will be to push the project over the summer. Follow me on my social media channels and stay always informed.

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