The rampant thicket of a jungle – Mollono.Bass releases his EP „Jungle Fever“


Mollono.Bass turns the maze of your brain into the rampant thicket of a jungle. The dark green of the humid tropical air is filled with the sound of chirping insects, psychedelic vines tickle your consciousness from all sides. Driven by a groove as thick and bouncy as the ground in this primeval forest you approach the ritualist play of drums and tribal singing … and, as it goes „In The Jungle“, all of a sudden you’re completely lost and can’t even tell above from below. In a collaborative work with Dole & Kom we hear the dreamlike melodies of Mollono.Bass echoing through a canyon that extends between massive walls of bass frequency: Reflections is a minimalist track that draws it’s subtle yet compelling power from the whirring buzz of its individual parts.

„Jungle Fever“ will be out on 3000 Grad on May 3rd, 2019.

What’s the idea behind the new EP?

Actually I wanted to produce a track with Dole & Kom for their album “Twenty Five”… But I was just too busy, and suddenly the guys had these 12 beautiful new tracks. So the album was finished. However, we still really wanted to produce that track together – that’s why it’s now on this EP. Together with my new track “In the Jungle”. I just finished that one, and I feel that it has its moment right now. It fits just perfect into the time we live in, I think. I didn’t want to save it for my new album, which is scheduled only for the beginning of 2020.

Where do you find inspiration?

I’m very much a nature person. I think the outdoors are still my greatest source of inspiration. Those quiet moments when I’m at the lake, when everything around me falls into this relaxed, harmonic flow. I really love this atmosphere, and I guess that somehow finds expression in my productions, as well. On the other hand, there are those moments in the club or at open airs, when I play my gigs on the weekends. The energy of a dancefloor in motion, when people just take off and play, when the rules and masks of everyday life disappear… that’s also a very strong source of motivation and inspiration for me.

How and where was it produced?

I work in my studio here in Mecklenburg, in the North-Eastern corner of Germany. The collaboration with Dole & Kom was partially produced in their studio in Berlin. And the final polish was done here, in the countryside.

Was it clear from the beginning that the EP will be released on 3000Grad? That’s where your musical home is, right?

Yes, absolutely. It was clear from the very beginning. This is indeed where I’m at home music-wise, and the EP fits just beautifully into this environment. I really identify with this project, that’s why it is the perfect label for my track “In The Jungle” which, as I see it, has its moment right now. Dole & Kom have been good friends and a part of the 3000 Grad family for a long time already, just as Stephan Zovsky who contributed with a remix. This strong focus on friendship and having a good time together is a central aspect of 3000 Grad – and of this new EP.

What’s happening after the release? Are you already working on new projects?

Yes indeed, I’m quite busy! At this moment there’s already some tracks and ideas for my next Mollono.Bass album on my hard disk, it is scheduled for the beginning of 2020. Then there is the fifth part of my remix collection, it’s coming together beautifully and should be released in December. Last but not least, there’s our beloved 3000 Grad Festival in August, and the preparations are already in full swing.


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