A mix of emotional and rhythmic grooves – Armen Miran remixes Gab Rhome and Mark Alow’s „Bob Fossil“


Gab Rhome and Mark Alow present their common debut with Bar 25 Music. With Gab and Mark, a mix of emotional and rhythmic grooves meets organic, deep melodies to deliver a full sound and a guarantee for every dancefloor. Remix support is provided by Armen Miran and the duo Esteble, who are integral to the scene as producers and DJ’s and who add another highlight to this EP.

Gab Rhome and Mark Alow’s EP is out on Friday on Bar 25.

trndmsk: What inspired you to produce this EP?

Gab Rhome: A will to dance, a will to live, a will to love. There’s something magical about someone whose love for tigers is only rivalled by his affection for percussions. This magical being is, you will have guessed by now, Bob Fossil.

We’re premiering Armen Miran’s remix, but where did you record the original? What key gear did you use?

The original was written over the internet, the web some people would say or the Toile for an old French person. The process was cyber, Mark’s hologram was in my studio while my hologram was in the kitchen. We met in the flesh later to work on the B-Side and we were both disappointed because we look better with Instagram filters on.

What’s your connection with the label, how did the release come about?

I’ve been releasing with Bar 25 for a bit over a year now. Berlin holds a very dear place in my heart and I want to be a part of its present and future. Releasing with Bar 25 allows for that.

What’s up next after the release? Are you working on any other projects?

After this release will be a follow up single on my close friend Kora’s label Saisons, a secret EP on a secret imprint will be out right in time for Burning Man afterwards and a EP on Lee Burridge’s TRYBES of in the Fall. I’m also working on a live project that should be quite the game changer. The future looks bright!