A progressive and melodic masterclass release – Fennec & Wolf drops his EP “Opera” on Incroyable


Incroyable Music drop their next two track release courtesy of co-label head honcho Fennec & Wolf, who delivers once again with a two track progressive and melodic masterclass. The A-side kicks off with the haunting melodies of “Opera”, a slow burner that builds and builds, slick layered percussion and scattered synths patter between tight hats building to a hands in the air crescendo.

Flip to the B-side and “Dreamville” takes centre stage, fast percussion elements make for a higher paced intro with subtle bass undertones filtering through as the single progresses. Minimalist features compliment the xylophone lead as the track suddenly opens up into an alluring break creating a gap in the soundscape for reflection and grandeur. The dreamy backdrop of the single carries into the depths of the track as liquid hats teeter over yet more simplistic and highly effective kicks to bring the track to a close.

The EP will be out on Beatport.

trndmsk: How is it to be back on Incroyable Music?

Fennec & Wolf: Always a pleasure to finish some music that I can release on Incroyale Music.

What inspired you to produce „Opera“? What surrounded you at the time?

I was inspired from some classical music I’ve been listening to during the time to relax a little as an offset because we were constructing our new Incroyable studios during that time and it was very stressful. So thats what i’ve been surronded by during this production.

Where did you record it? And how?

I recorded it in my studio at the Incroyable studios where we’ve build 19 studios for different musiscians besides the Incroyable artists and for some befriended video makers.

How did you choose the title of „Opera”? Is there a special meaning behind it?

As mentioned I was listening to some classical music at that point and I was wondering what it would be if Electronic House Music takes place at an Opera and this is exactly how it sounded in my imagination.

How was the feedback so far?

I played the track during my last gigs and received great feedbacks from the crowd.

What’s up next after the release? Are you working on any other projects?

Well I’m working on some different EPs which i will release during 2019. Besides that I’m also producing some other projects which has nothing to do with Electronic or House music.