Deep, moody and trippy – Disfunctional Disco compiled a compilation called „Horizon““

Horizon dark

Disfunctional Disco has compiled a compilation for the record label Iboga. „Horizon“ has become a mix with many Electronica, Downtempo and Deep House songs. The DJ says: „When asked by my good friends at Iboga if i wanted to make a compilation aiming at the slower, more downbeat side of the music spectrum, of course I immediately said yes. So much great downbeat music has emerged over the past years, and the scene has been growing rapidly, with many sub-genres seeing the light of day. My thoughts about the selection of tracks was that they should be deep, moody, trippy, well produced, and layered with tribalistic rhythm patterns. And a sexy bassline wouldn’t hurt either! So I started to get in contact with friends and some of my favourite producers in the genre, and slowly but surely, a story was starting to unfold – a sonic horizon, filled with music dear to my heart.“

„Horizon – Compiled by Disfunctional Disco“ will be out on May 24th, 2019.