Imposing energetic and deep feelings – Meric and his mixtape „Drift On The Silk Road“


Istanbul-based DJ and producer Meric releases his debut EP called „Hemshin“ on Ladino Romance. Known for his energetic live sets that fuse house with disco, Meric’s first official release is a mystical Deep House track that blends a lost Anatolian folk sample with blazing synths and some spoken word poetry from E. E. Cummings reading „Anyone Lived in a Pretty How Town“. The folk sample comes courtesy of Nezih Ünen and was featured in his brilliant documentary, „The Lost Songs of Anatolia“. Remix duties are handled by Berlin-based coss alongside Turkish producers Anatolian Sessions and Analog Context.

He also recorded a great set called „Drift On The Silk Road“.

trndmsk: Meric, what can we look forward to in the next few minutes?

Meric: I may sound old fashioned however, I give importance on creating a beginning and an end feeling at my artistic productions. It is a total composition for me. For example, this mix is going to catch you thoughtful while sitting at a couch, then carry you to a mystic dance journey by imposing energetic and deep feelings. The end is going to drop your feelings down smoothly. The welcoming sounds of the far-faraways create a pleased feeling both in your mind and in your body.

When did you record the set? What surrounded you at the time?

Couple of weeks ago, while listening the EP’s master recordings, I was thinking about the anthology to pass it on. The highlights are the songs I am listening with great joy during these days of Spring in Istanbul. I have pulled them up from my archive with a powerful energy, this mix have come up.

How did you choose the tracks for the mix?

I have a personal archive that I like, which fits my own mood and the musical production I make. I tried to choose several pieces which are not hard to connect and tried to come up with a mood for the audience. I want to thank to all artists included in the mix for supporting my innerself.

Do you have a favorite track included in the mix?

Simple Symmetry – Incredible Adventures In Khazar Khanagate. I like to listen it and I oftenly play at my performances. I believe it puts the listeners in a good mood.

What three songs do you tend to use in your current sets?

Simple Symmetry – Incredible Adventures In Khazar Khanagate
Autarkic feat. Xen – Wipe the Shame (Red Axes Remix)
Küno Kultura – Turbo (Ricardo Ruben Remix)

What are your near future projects?

I want to continue producing original sounds that make people dance in great pleasure. Also, I am working on the launch of a new live visual-audio project, LUWIANS with a team of three.


01. Jugurtha – Odalisque (Rafael Aragon Remix)
02. Meric – Hemshin (Coss Sun One Remix)
03. Chris Schwarzwalder – A New Beginning
04. Meric – Hemshin (Anatolian Sessions Remix)
05. Yor Kultura – Willow (Mehmet Aslan Remix)
06. Kardeş Türküler – Demme (Kozmonotosman Rework)
07. Gio Israel – Prophets
08. El Mundo & Zazou – Can You See What I See
09. Ipek Ipekcioğlu – Uyan Uyan
10. AVEM – Artefacts
11. Be Svendsen – Andromeda
12. Menachem 26 – Hal
13. The Oddness – It’s a Jungle
14. Simple Symmetry – Incredible Adventures In Khazar Khanagate

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