„It’s all about funk, disco and house“ – Dompe drops his longplayer „Hippie Crack“ on Jackfruit Recordings


Who said that da new Long player must consist by Intros, Outros and Off-Tracks – that all lies in the eye of the beholder and depends on his perspective. It must be honest and has to odd pictures in the heads. Dompe succeeded that in a perfect way. At the beginning of May, he will release his latest album named „Hippie Crack“ on his own Label Jackfruit Recordings.


„Hippie Crack“ – music is our drug – it makes us happy and gives us the chance to flee from the gray and ordinary daily routine. These 12 Tracks are highly addictively. Close your eyes, dance and time can be forgotten. Back to the roots – back to good old house music tunes, simple but not easy produced. The Dompe Style has not to be described on more details; Again, and again full of different facets. These tracks are as always full of summer vibes und carried by lots of samples with plenty of old-school-sounds. All tracks from the Album tell a story, can be listen to at home or also in the club. It starts with love and full of harmony, before it changes the chill mood the clubbing sounds. All in all, the complete package is very atmospheric. Like a good gig the sounds it goes harder step by step and at its best it comes to an end. From the front till the back a project with a high intention – one of DOMPES heart wishes was a cover designed by Bringmann & Kopetzki. The result is a perfect comic version of DOMPE and that’s a banger. So, „Hippie Crack“ isn’t only a musically hot shit, but also a visual highlight.


trndmsk: How long did it take you to produce the album?

Dompe: I am in the studio about four days a week – so I can´t really say how long it took to produce the album. I collected lots of tracks and the idea to release an album came very spontaneously – it’s all about funk, disco and house.

How did you choose the title of the LP?

I read an article about “Hippy Crack” and then I played on words and so “Hippie Crack” was born.

Is there a special meaning behind it?

I like the pun and I think it describes my music.

What inspired you to produce the tracks and the LP?

Long rides on my bicycle listening to old Disco and Funk Tracks, after that I listened to all my old 90s house stuff – and I remembered that I really love that dirty and rough sounds. That inspired me a lot.

Where and how did you produce the tracks?

It’s real house music, because my little and cozy studio is at home.

How was the feedback so far?

It´s amazing – I was very surprised in a positive way! I have already discovered some tracks from the album played by named artists like Claptone for example.

Why did you choose Bringmann & Kopetziki for the cover artwork?

I am a really big fan of the artwork from Bringmann & Kopetziki for 20 years– I have all comic books from the boys and I collected all the flyers of the “Stammheim” – because they are so funny and unique. A cover designed by these two crazy guys was a dream of mine, so I wrote an Email and asked if they are interested. They were interested and so a dream came true. The initial sketch was a hit already.

Why did you release on your label Jackfruit?

I didn’t want to make any compromises in any kind. I wanted to choose the tracks I want to have on the album, I want to choose the cover and all that stuff – so the decision was clear, that I will release on my own label.

And I also didn’t want to do third party rights. For me it was very important that the Album is a double vinyl and just for fun I decided to do some tapes – I didn’t have to ask for, so for me it was the one and only way. And I also want that our little imprint will grow step by step- since the first release we are on a good way and the sale of all my vinyl release is fine, too. Why should I go to someone else?

What’s up next after the release?

There will be a release on the Materials Sublabel PlaymobilL and I am working on some remixes – one will be a track for Bergholder on 3000 Grad. But I have more than ten new tracks and so I can choose what to do this these ones. There is no stress.

Any plans and projects?

Producing dirty house tunes all the time!