Kora about his rhythm and health: “I perceive my career as a marathon, not a sprint”

Kora - Jungle [Haley Busch]

Photo: Haley Busch

Two majestic works as “Edanna” and “Senda” by Pablo Bolivar needs majestic remixes, as we are introducing you in this EP. Luca Bacchetti and Kora always deliver quality, and here, their visions of the original works are on top of the wave. Seven Villas will release the remixes on April 5th, 2019. We talked with Kora about his remix.

trndmsk: What inspired you to make the remix?

Kora: I have always been a big fan of Pablo Bolivar’s music & sound design. I’ve always played a lot of the releases from his label Seven Villas in recent years – it’s very detailed and unique music.

For the remix, I started a new song from scratch with Pablo’s melodic elements, synths, and pads. They sounded very lush with beautiful emotions in it. As it developed, I began building a new groove and drum structure. After a few weeks of back and forth, I actually decided to re-scramble most of the elements and create a brand new arrangement and soon after I arrived at the final version.

How did you approach the original track?

I only listened to the original “Edanna” when Pablo sent it to me to discuss the remix idea. Once I received the stems, I avoided listening to it again. This helped keep my mind fresh when working with the stems, and not be overly influenced by Pablo’s version. This is my way of putting my unique stamp and personality into remixes without having the original piece influencing the direction I take once I receive the elements. Of course, now that the remix is finished I have the original Edanna on repeat!

Where and how did you produce it?

I produced the song in the comfort of my studio in Montreal, Canada. It’s where I have all my tools, and most importantly where I feel I know connect with sounds the best. I find I always create the best mix in this space, as I know how the room influences and distorts the sound.

I started by listening, labeling, and organizing all the stems that Pablo sent me. From there, I started jamming in the Live Arrangement view and built a groove.

I used a blend of digital and analog gear with Ableton Live 10 as the main workstation. I created the groove with a few layers blending some gliding waveforms from the Moog Sub 37, but also a few hits from the Monark in Reaktor, which is one of my favourites.

How did you get in contact with the record label?

Pablo and I started discussing music in the summer of 2018. I was honoured & very excited when he asked me to do a remix for his label. The timing didn’t work back then due to an intense traveling schedule on my side. Pablo touched base again a bit later in the year about doing a remix of Edanna, and here we are.

Kora - Studio [Patricia Brochu]

Photo: Patricia Brochu

Are you working on other projects?

Yes I am! I’m home for six weeks right now to put all my focus and energy in to making new original music for my label Saisons, as well as a few of my favourite labels from other artists. I’m finishing up some ideas and also preparing the itineraries for the summer tours. During my down time, I’ve found myself practicing piano and learning yoga.

Up next, I have a new collaboration with Gab Rhome called “Toboggan”, which will be released via Saisons. Following this are shows in Ottawa, Pattaya (Thailand), India, Stockholm and lots more throughout May and June.

Can you tell us a little more about your label Saisons?

Lots of groovy things are happening with Saisons and we’re very excited about it. On the music side, we’ve got beautiful original songs that will come out from my close friends Gab Rhome & Madota. I’m also finishing a few things at the moment that might appear on the label in a few months time.

Another aspect of the label that we take very seriously is the health of the planet. We’re working on a couple of ideas, with our main mission being to make a greener music industry by encouraging conscious behaviour and finding solutions to our environmental problems. We are still at the stage of brainstorming right now, but the team is growing nicely and we already see lots of potential for making an impact in our scene.

You can track our progress and upcoming adventures here: www.saisonsmusique.com.

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Photo: Kora

Will we see you back in Germany on tour soon?

Yes! I will be in Germany this summer and I truly miss it. I’ll play in Goch at The Monastery Festival with the Gardens of Babylon family. This was one of my favorite events last year and I can’t wait to be back.

I will also play in Berlin during the summer, which is one of my favourite places to play each time I’m in Europe. I’ll also pay a visit to my friends Madota, and probably end up messing around in their Berlin studio.

Travelling has become a huge part of your life as a touring DJ. Have you got 3 tips for staying sane on the road?

Ground yourself:

Through meditation, breathing, writing, and communicating… being aware of the present moment as much as possible helps to “ground yourself”, even if you’re always on the move.

Managing your rhythm and health while balancing energy levels:

Sleep and take naps whenever possible, drink lots of water (flying dehydrates the body due to lower humidity levels in the air inside the cabin), and be responsible for your own health. I perceive my career as a marathon, not a sprint. Finding a good rhythm no matter where in the world I may be is essential to prolonging my ability to be a touring artist.

Collect yourself between the tours:

Have a good recharge between tours and doing the things that aren’t possible to do on the road, which are often life’s simple pleasures such as exercise, family time, relaxation. When you leave, be ready to put all your focus on the travel and delivering the best performance possible in each city.

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