Melodic techno for spring – Ritter Butzke Studio drops the compilation „Spring 2019“


Spring is coming and shows itself in all it’s colors on our Spring Compilation 2019. Lead by Einmusik’s melodic „Geyser“ it also bridges the gap to still colder club nights with Julian Wassermann’s „Hommage“. Also the transition from hot club nights to warm open airs can be heard in Radiothérapie and Thomas Gandey’s „Arcadium“. Finally the development to the the hot time of the year is completed melodically and rhythmically with Roumex’s „Avion“ and Schlepp Geist & Matthias Schuell’s „Indigo“.

„Spring Compilation 2019“ will be out on Ritter Butzke Studio on 17th of May.


01. Einmusik – Geyser
02. Julian Wassermann – Hommage
03. Radiothérapie feat. Thomas Gandey – Arcadium
04. Roumex – Avion
05. Schlepp Geist & Matthias Schuell – Indigo

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