No rules, no boundaries – Lake People drops the first EP on his own imprint Remote Scope


Martin Enke returns to his most enduring alias Lake People with a very special project: the „In One Place“ EP. Building on the spotless reputation he’s developed on the likes of Mule Musiq, Uncanny Valley and Permanent Vacation; Lake People has launched his own label: Remote Scope. A platform based around total creative freedom, Remote Scope is a space for Martin to remove all expectations and explore production from a completely freeform perspective. No rules, no boundaries. As proved by this incredible and open-armed vibe smorgasbord that crosses his entire sonic terrain.

Lake People’s deep dive begins with the smouldering midtempo broken beats of „Purity“ before rising to the surface so quickly on the Detroit-tingled thumper „Captured By The Bars“ we get lightheaded. Elsewhere we hit the giant rolling drums and sunrise synths of „Love Gyration“ and get the b-boy jitters on the electroid „Trip To Amherst“ before an introspective, twinkling piano piece closes the show delicately.

RSC001-Digi FRONT JPEG-web copy

trndmsk: What inspired you to produce the EP?

Lake People: For the first EP on my own label, Remote Scope, I wanted to create something with variety. So I picked 5 pretty different tracks which, from my point of view, still coexist nicely together.

Where did you record it? And how?

My production process is always very different from track to track. Sometimes I start a track at home sometimes during travel. Sometimes I use mostly hardware or plugins, or record hardware and use it in software samplers, start with drums, bassline or pads. It’s hard to say after some time how each track developed.

Why did you decide to launch the label?

I was thinking about it for a while actually. I don’t see it as a label necessarily. For me, it’s a channel where I can work completely independent. It’s fun to work with labels as well, of course, and I will proceed to do so if it feels right, but to have that safety of your own channel sets your mind really free. I love it.

What’s up next after the release? Are you working on any other projects?

For now, everything is super new and I will know more after some time but I plan to have at least 3 releases per year.
Besides Remote Scope and Lake People there is a new Llewellyn EP on Riotvan coming out at the beginning of June which I’m super looking fwd too, as well.