Playful Techno and groovy House – Bar 25 presents the compilation „Zeitgeist Vol. 4“

Various Artists - Bar 25 - Zeitgeist, Vol. 4

The compilation series „Zeitgeist“ enters into its fourth round. As Bar 25 has grown accustomed to, playful Techno and groovy House music collides and melts together colorfully and energetically into a life attitude. The compilation, which includes many new and exclusive songs, reflects the sound and feeling of the Bar25 and takes you on a trip into this unforgettable time. For everyone, who wasnt there, the film „Bar25: Days Out of Time“ is worth watching. Included this time are N’to, She Knows, Phillipp Straub, Cipy, Dole & Kom, Martin Waslewski, Pier Bucci & Pancho Piedra, Felix Raphael, Elementsof, Marco Tegui & Jules Heller, Robert Babicz, Dachshund, Dan Buri, Mihai Popoviciu, Paul Schal, Rene Bourgeois feat. Kollmorgen, Bondi and Bedouin. Enjoy your time travel!

Bar 25 Music will release „Zeitgeist Vol.4“ on May 3rd, 2019.

trndmsk: What inspired you to produce the track?

Dan Buri: My track “Medusa” was solely produced for Bar25 Music, while i was experimenting with
my two different worlds. The more lighthearted thai upbringing and my more german, structured way of thinking. I think “Medusa” is a good example of both vibes in one track. 

Where did you record it? And how?

The track was produced in my home studio in Bangkok. No crazy analog machines or anything fancy. Just me, my ideas, my laptop and thats pretty much it! I am happy that i can have full potencial in music production without spending a fortune on heavy gear like 20 years ago although i am a big fan of analog gear though. Only the money part is missing (laughing).

How did you get in contact with the record label?

I was very lucky to have met my good friend Christ Burstein in Koh Phangan again after years and we reconnected. I have sent him a few tracks to listen to and he connected me straight away with Danny Faber – the head of Bar25 Music. So happy and glad to be part of this great family. 

What’s up next after the release? Are you working on any other projects?

After this release I got 2 releases coming on Exploited Ghetto, 2 tracks for each release. I am also currently working hard on an EP for Bar25 Music, which is planned to be a 5 tracker which includes 3 Originals and 2 Remixes. I am super excited about this. Thank you very much for having me and i hope you enjoyed the track as much as i enjoyed producing it!