The endlessness of space – Green Lake Project release their album „GLP“ on 3000 Grad


An album that vibrates with the endlessness of space and an intense atmosphere of rocket-powered departure. It finds expression in the heaving waves of the basslines and the sharp spray of the hi hats, but just as much in the hypnotic play of all those subtle elements that are less obvious: The spiralling vortex of melodies and acidic synthesizer departures creates a sonic texture of organic beauty that is reminiscent of the intricate perfection of nature down here on planet Earth – clearly a signature element in Green Lake Project’s unique Space Techno style. Altogether 11 tracks summarize what the mysterious duo has become well-known for at festivals and parties over the last years: Big productions for big emotions in front of big sound systems.

„GLP“ will be out on 3000 Grad.

trndmsk: Guys, how long did it take you to produce the album?

Green Lake Project: Good question. We took some shortcuts through wormholes. Also there was that one situation where we took a real wrong turn and ended up scraping the borders of a black hole. That’s why there have been some pretty wild bends and wobbles in the space-time continuum of our journey! It’s quite noticeable in the audio recordings, there’s all these peculiar reality glitches deep down in the sound. Altogether we were out there for maybe … 2 years?

How did you choose the title of the LP? Is there a special meaning behind it?

The title is inspired by one of our favourite places in this galaxy. It can be found on planet Earth, and it’s called Mecklenburg. Surrounded by deep lakes and overgrown by the thick primeval forest we discovered the wreck of an old space freighter. The atmosphere there is pure magic. We started playing around with our sound equipment – and noticed that there is a super spaced-out echo inside the old hyperspace turbines! We realized immediately that this is a perfect base for our mission. And because the environment is so unique, we decided to call the whole thing Green Lake Project – short: „GLP“.


What inspired you to produce the tracks and the LP?

Generally speaking, this LP is based on the log of our mutual space odyssey. Well, obviously we are sound cosmonauts. So our log is actually much more like a soundtrack. It’s all the experiences and discoveries we made, turned into music. Exactly what inspired us? There were those wild nights in that bar at the end of the universe. We had quite a few of those… what was the name of those cocktails…? Something like pan-galactic… blaster? Anyway, they really did the job, as you can clearly hear in the audio recordings of those days. Then there was a moment when we suffered from temporary space madness and gave expression to this frenzied state of mind in a series of jam sessions. Well, and obviously you come across some pretty funky places and pretty funky creatures on such a journey… All of that had a major influence on our album. As we said, it’s basically the audible counterpart of our journey. A very uplifting and danceable counterpart, that is.

Where and how did you produce the tracks?

We already mentioned those mind-blowing echoes we discovered inside the turbines of that old space freighter. Apart from that, it was recorded at many places in this universe… and also in some parallel versions of it. All the cosmic radiation and all the stardust are not to be underestimated, by the way – that’s why we took lots of oldschool, analogue circuit boards with us. Out there, they work just beautifully. On the other hand we came across some planets where they have these amazing alien technologies, kind of digital stuff – and of course we tried that out, as well.

How did the collaborations come about?

Both of us have been frequently orbiting our mothership 3000Grad. Over the years we noticed that we’d make a pretty good match. Both of us love the endlessness of space and the infinite realms of sound. Both of us get quite nerdy about analogue synthesizers, and both of us are total geeks when it comes to digital studio technology. Both of us have peace, love and pancakes for breakfast. So at some point we just decided to go on a mission together.

How was the feedback so far?

Of course we submitted the results of our research to the interstellar network, sharing it with many sound scientists, audio visionaries and groove institutions. We are delighted to say that we got amazing feedback from some major players of the international scene.

How and why did you choose the record label?

3000Grad is our mothership. This is where we feel at home in the endlessness of space, this is where we meet our galactic family, this is where we laugh and party together. This has been the base for our various solo missions these last years. So it was an obvious decision to keep GLP here, as well.

What’s up next after the release? Any plans and projects?

New York, Rio and Tokyo! We are currently fine-tuning our live set and looking forward to get it out there on the stages.