From melodic house to low slung electronica – Sol Selectas releases „Summer Sol IV“ compilation


Once a year on the date of the summer solstice Sol Selectas release their annual Summer Sol compilation to celebrate the years longest day of sunshine. Blending eloquent melodies with earthy percussion, this release covers a diverse section of sub genres ranging from melodic house to low slung electronica. Compiled over a twelve month period by label owner Sabo, the fourth edition in the series features 25 tracks including artists such as Amentia, Dandara, Canson, Mark Alow, Mass Digital, Gabriel Belmudes, Robbie Akbal, plus many others.

Sabo also features his own music on the release which is showcased in this eight track sampler including a cross section of tracks that fully express the magic of this stunning release. As the sun travels round the world to warm our hearts, bodies and minds, the concept of this release series is also to embrace world culture, as under the sun’s rays we are all equal no matter our skin colour, sexuality or gender. Fully embracing the diversity of cultures around the world, this release includes artists from over 18 countries with vocals spoken, chanted or sung in many different languages.