“I always keep my oriental touch in my tracks” – Vodoom and his free download “Bunshin”


The latest edition of our free download series finds Vodoom for his first appearance. The title of his track: “Bunshin”.

trndmsk: What inspired you to produce the track?

Vodoom: I was on vacation on the country side, we had a great fire camp and I visualize a lot of things, I always keep my oriental touch in my tracks, especially in the end where sounds like I became legion and we sang together in perfect unison. That’s why it’s called “Bunshin” (the cloning technique in Japenese anime Naruto). 

Where did you record it? And how? 

I produce my music in my own home using a prodipe TT1 pro with an MPK.

Why do you want to provide it as a free download?

I really don’t put money as a priority when I create, I want it to remain pure and for everyone to enjoy. So free download doesn’t pose me problem.

What’s up next after the release? Are you working on any other projects?

Are you working on any other projects? Yes, I’m working on a new Deep House EP and I have mixes with some channels out soon. By the way if you want a mix from me, I would do so with pleasure. 

DOWNLOAD for YouTube lovers or SoundCloud lovers (Hypeddit / The Artist Union)