„I’ve always been passionate about music“ – Maeks releases his EP „Emission“ on Lauter Unfug


Luxembourg producer Maeks makes his debut on Lauter Unfug by delivering a quality release with two super unique tracks. On remix duty, EdOne, who already released on great labels like Stil vor Talent, Off Records and Defected Records, remixes „Emission“ adding weight and more dynamic pattern to the beat. Progressive Techno master Hutenberger put his own touch on „Emission“ by creating a melodic and impulsive version of the track.

What inspired you to produce the EP?

Maeks: I’ve always been passionate about music. One of my first experience with electronic music was Giorgia Angiulli‘s gig in Luxembourg. I was enthusiastic about the multiple facets electronic music can have and about the versatility a set could be built up with. Then I bought my first synthesizer, a bass machine and a drum machine without even knowing how they work. I’ve spent hours jamming in my studio trying to understand these devices.

I was already a member of Lauter Unfug when I’ve decided to become an artist. I was just jamming regularly with my brother from time to time, and I actually didn’t plan to become an artist too. I just enjoyed making music for fun.
On day by coincidence the crew got to listen to my stuff and they just loved it. They’ve pushed me to define myself as an artist and release my music.

I see myself more as a producer than a DJ. I’ve created a live duo with my brother, and I either I mix as a DJ, or I play live. I am very ambitious when it comes to my music and I am also very satisfied with the work done by Lauter Unfug so far. I’m looking forward to the release and people’s feedback.

How did you choose the title of the EP?

I work full-time as a car mechanic and when I produced this EP, the diesel scandal just came out. Since environment is a very important subject to me, I’ve just poured my frustration into this EP and that’s why I’ve called it “Emission”.

Is there a special meaning behind it? Where did you record it?

The EP was produced in my room with my first synthesizers. As mentioned before, for me, the diesel scandal kind of shaped the feelings emanating from this track.

How did you get in contact with the record label?

I am a very active member of Lauter Unfug. I build and plan the festivals together with them. Since the guys were the ones who motivated me to take this step, it was obvious that I would release my EP with them, or I should probably better say with us.

How was the feedback so far?

The feedback is very positive so far and I’m very happy. I’m very strict with myself, and I think I’m my biggest critic.
That’s why I’m even more pleased that Beatamines, the A&R of Lauter Unfug, has also given me a thumbs up.

What’s up next after the release?

I’m constantly working on new pieces and I also jam regularly. My next EP will be ready soon and it will also be released by Lauter Unfug.

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