„The dancefloor was packed and the crowd was thirsty“ – D. Caboose & Yannick Müller’s closing set from Sisyphos Dampfer


D. Caboose und Yannick Müller their closing set from Sisyphos Dampfer. We talked to the two DJs about the set.

trndmsk: How did the gig come about?

D. Caboose und Yannick Müller: A friend recommended D. Caboose to Sisyphos and I took Yannick Müller with me because i very appreciate his talent as a electronic Music artist and producer.

How did you choose the tracks? Did you make a plan before the gig?

No Plan! We toured the whole week together in Berlin and played at clubs like suicide circus or golden gate. Yannick played Friday night at Mitte Soundbar in Nürnberg and I played at the same time in Berlin at Ritter Butzke. So we met on Saturday night on the Train to Osnabrück to play together at „Lausbuben auf 52 Grad“. Then we rent a Car to drive back together to Berlin again to close the Dampfer floor on Sunday morning 6am at Sisyphos.

How would you describe the atmosphere during your performance?

I lost my Headphones the night before and Yannick lost his headphone adapter. Of course we where both very nervous at the beginning. The sound system was amazing but louder then expected. The dancefloor was packed and the crowd was thirsty. They Dj before played fast so we decided to start at 124 BPM. What happened was 5 hours of madness! They crowd start to pull of the shirts and everybody was getting insane. We ordered Watherbotles every 20 minutes. The Artistcare told us we can play as long as we have the crowd but after 4,5 hours I asked for another Dj because they crowd was getting bigger and bigger. We left at Sunday 3pm and the Dj we orded was still in a mad run.

Do you have a favorite track included in the mix?

What four songs do you tend to use in your current sets? Normally we play both softer but of course if its required we can.

D. Caboose: 1. Prism (Maksim_Dark_Remix), 2. Jan Hertz & Rocko Garoni – Neptun

Yannick Müller: 1. Allies for Everyone (Solee Remix), 2. Amphibia (Lee Van Dowski Remix)

What are your near future projects?

I will bring with The Alpha Passion Club our exclusive Events to the next Level. Yannick Müller is working on some dope releases for different record labels. He is also busy selecting Artists to release on his own record label RAWLS MUSIC. In the future The Alpha Passion Club and RAWLS MUSIC is working closer together to push boundaries.

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