After more than 600 songs and 13 exciting years – the 100th release by Bar 25 Music


Bar 25, one of Berlin’s most legendary places, was a must for partygoers. It once made popular an alternative club culture, as a counter concept to the dark basement clubs and large discotheques, and was known worldwide as an extraordinary and timeless day- and nightclub. As a consequence, Bar 25 Music was established in 2006 by label manager Danny Faber. The music label soon became synonymous for unique showcases and playful electronic music.

After more than 600 songs and 13 exciting years, we still love bringing the spirit of Bar 25 to the people, with good feeling music. They are proud to present our Release No. 100. „We would like to celebrate this anniversary with a compilation of selected songs by artists such as Nicone, Cipy, Kollektiv Ost, Miyagi, Rafael Cerato, Umami, Smash TV, Marco Tegui & Night Vision, German Brigante, Italoboyz, Blind Minded, Purple Kaiser und Silicone Soul and look forward to the musical journey with you.“

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trndmsk: What is the concept for the 100th release of Bar 25?

Danny Faber: For this year‘s anniversary compilation 12, we wanted to select exclusive tracks that work well on the dancefloor and spread a party mood. So these include tracks for the DJ case. That‘s why there will also be a 4-track vinyl included with the release. Our Sounds of Sirin and Zeitgeist compilations should be considered more than just consumer compilations and are also suitable aside from the party.

From how many demos do you choose the compilation? How many are always sent to you?

We receive many demo songs sent to us every day, which the A&R Team and I try to listen to. That can really stress the ears sometimes :). This compilation presents artists that we really wanted to include and asked especially to produce a song for the compilation.

How did you choose the artists and their tracks this time?

We really appreciated that so many artists sent their music to us, since we were a bit late to send out our call for submissions. In the end, we chose the tracks most fitting to our idea.

In times of streaming: How hard is it to succeed with a label today?

In my opinion, it continues to be difficult. The labels (and artists) have many more options to spread and promote their music, but the challenges have become increasingly complex and much more technical. So it becomes all the more important to stand out as a label. And of course it depends on the quality of the music and label work. Generally, I think streaming is a good idea, as it has fundamentally changed the way we consume and discover music.

How much passion do you have to bring with you to continue to operate a small label today?

Everyone should have a certain amount of passion for what they do. It‘s important not to lose motivation. Operating a label is a daily challenge, but it never becomes boring. For some time now, we can see major changes within the music industry. It is incredibly exciting to be a part of this process.

What are the next steps after the publication, any label news?

Next we will update our label design, in order to be more widely recognized as an independent label. Initially, we were a Berlin club that moved a lot and which is surrounded by the one legend or other. As a music label, we hope to bring this Bar 25 spirit closer to the people. Also we are going to launch a new sub label in the next two months. This will be an interesting project, which already featured two initial compilations titled „Sounds of Sirin“ for Bar 25 Music. Finally, our film „Bar 25 – Days Outside of Time“ will be available with English, French and Spanish subtitles starting on August 2nd. We and many others have waited a very long time for this. Another reason to celebrate.

Which other releases are planned? And which producers are we allowed to enjoy?

There will be many new releases until the end of the year. These include music by Tantsui, Umami, N‘to, Phonique, Schlepp Geist, Dead-Tones, Den Ishu, Bondi, Kellerkind to name a few. Our new label Sirin Music will feature by Zuma Dionys, Kermesse, Lee Jones, Robbie Akbal and Treceveinte. The beat goes on and on and on.


Niconé feat. Narra – Una Rosa Es Una Rosa
Miyagi – Arcadia
Rafael Cerato – Clouds feat. Haptic
Smash TV – Who Will U Become
Umami – Seven Million Hour Drive
Marco Tegui & Night Vision – Summer Chants
Purple Kaiser – Spreeside
Cipy – Musanze
German Brigante – The Parents
Italoboyz, Blind Minded – Romanzo Tropicale
Kollektiv Ost – First Contact
Silicone Soul – Leaf

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