Dark and rhythmic beats – Igor Carmo releases his new EP „Jaan“ on Pins and Needles


Pins and Needles‚ latest release is another stunning piece of creativity. The EP „Jaan“ from the talented Portuguese artist Igor Carmo includes four original electronica tracks. „Playground for Kids“, „Life Form“, „Jaan“ and „Chinese Whisper“ perfectly showcase Igor Carmo’s musical influences. Dark and rhythmic beats underline energetic baselines and the pulsating sounds in these productions create a constant musical flow.

trndmsk: What inspired you to produce the EP?

Igor Carmo: Those who know me well would say, that I embrace spontaneity and live in the moment. I don’t plan much in advance and love feeding of people, objects and energy around me. My approach to music is exactly the same as to my live – I start working on a new EP when my mind is filled with an idea or a concept that usually comes to my head very unexpected.

This particular EP is inspired by random experiences that I couldn’t get out of my head following my trip to Bali. Getting away from my usual surrounding always helps my production. The people I have met and experiences I have had on that trip somehow contributed to what you can hear in all 4 tracks. The way the people were communicating with each other, the mimimalistic interior design of a new restaurant I visited and a playfulness of the local kid I had interacted with – its all there in different shape and form.

Where did you record it? And how?

Tracks were made in my home studio using Ableton Software, Akai MPK25 midi keyboard, Korg Volca Sample, Korg Volca Bass, Roland octa-capture interface and a set on Neuman KH120 Studio monitor speakers.

How did you get in contact with the record label?

I have met Philipp (owner of Pins and Needles) in LUX Lisbon – one of my favourites spots in Lisbon that hosts lots of great and talented DJs. Both of us (plus few other strangers and couple of my friends) arrived early hours hence we were the only ones in the club. It didn’t take us too long to start a conversation and discover our mutual interest in music. We had an amazing night, exchanged the details at the end and followed up with one remix for the label weeks later. The rest and this EP is a history.

What’s up next after the release? Are you working on any other projects?

After this, I will be awaiting for another great release with Nervous records (NYC) that comes out 2nd of August: watch out for the track titled “Future Music”. I am also hoping to collaborate with DJ/ producer HIIRO and I plan to organise few “Atom Social” events that will be live stream!