„Sobrevoo“ is an adventure into faster BPMs – EXZ releases his new EP von Ekord


For @ekordmusic’s 11th release and celebrating one year they landed in Berlin, they are happy to introduce you to @e_xz, a brazilian music producer who fuses electronic based rhythms with psychedelic tone colors and melodies. Alexandre Silveira started to release and perform as EXZ in 2015 in São Paulo where he found a vibrant and growing alternative scene in parties threw by Voodoohop and Mamba Negra, and since then he has performed in a variety of clubs and festivals around the world. Exploring different layering possibilities through synthteizers, EXZ carries a constant concern in producing new sounds. Known for his Downtempo productions, the EP „Sobrevoo“ is an adventure into faster BPMs.


01. EXZ – Sobrevoo
02. EXZ – Grampo

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