trndmsk Podcast #60 – Amentia


For Amentia, music is a surge of emotions. Building on their classical training and years of jazz practice as pianist and percussionist respectively, Raphaël & Etienne leap into electronica to form Amentia, Techno-Electronica duo with a passion for mesmerizing melodies and old school synths. They surprise through a subtle harmonization of musical scales and universes, a sharp alternance between hypnotic and melancholic sounds exploring sadness, the epic, nostalgia, joy, and dreams. A resolute desire for beauty rooted in their wide musical tastes, ranging from jazz and blues to classical music and psychedelic rock.

trndmsk: Etienne and Raphaël , what can we look forward to in the next few minutes? 

Amentia: We mixed different genres and tried to make it as harmonious as we could. It simply reflects what we would listen while riding bike, skateboard or taking subway for example.

When did you record the set? What surrounded you at the time?

It was done during the first summer weeks when warmer days are starting with good vibes!

How did you choose the tracks for the mix? 

As our first answer, its simply music that we listen at the moment.

Do you have a favorite track included in the mix? 

Foxtrott – Deliver (Natureboy Flako Remix). This one is surprisingly melancholic, one of the feelings you are able to hear.

What three songs do you tend to use in your current sets?

Amentia – Piragua 
Metro Area – Piña
Jean du Voyage – Masala (feat. Pierre Harmegnies)

Summer is just around the corner. Which open airs are you most looking forward to?

No special event in mind, but we are excited to play again in Beirut beginning of august for an open air.

What are your near future projects? Are you working on any other projects?

We have an EP for Sol Selectas coming out later this year, also our new track “Piragua” is out now. A remix is in the making from El Mundo/PHCK. We tried more and more new approaches to get out of our usual routine, so we decided to change our habits of making music, without thinking necessary of the usuals “codes & structures” of Electronic Music. Amentia – Piragua was made with that mindset for example.

DOWNLOAD for SoundCloud lovers (Hypeddit / The Artist Union)
(MP3, 320 kBit/s, 56:55 Min., 129,8 MB)

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