A natural for stirring melodies – Sam Shure releases his debut album on Stil vor Talent


A natural for stirring melodies, Berlin-based Sam Shure channels his all-around manifold array of talents into his new EP, „Mirage“, taken from his forthcoming debut album „Laconia“ on Stil vor Talent. Shure says: „“Mirage“ is a collaboration with my father who plays the Oud lines in it. I had the main groove of the track ready in my Berlin studio and felt like it needed some acoustic element. „Kamala Bani“ was the first collaboration with amazing producer Cioz. We had the most fun working together in the studio and really enjoyed making the track. The track „Encanto“ is for sure a nighttime track with a mystical atmosphere. I really love the vocal sample a lot because it has something of a magical spell.“

With its versatile moods yet compact constructions, „Mirage“ is a self-fulfilling prophecy. The EP features three tracks from the album, that draw on Sams jazzy Egyptian roots while staying grounded in his usual melodic, mood-heavy aesthetic. With its warm tones, hazy pads and smart basslines, it creates a perfect ambiance for deep set dancefloors. Having started his affair with music from a young age, Sam Shures native talent and his ever-evolving skillset dot him as one of the stand out artists rising this year. Releases on the likes of Stil vor Talent, Klassified Music and Katermukkes’s sister-label Mukke have cemented him as a respected artist in his own right, while his DJ sets are full of the Berliners infectious and vivacious energy.

What inspired you to produce the EP?

Sam Shure: I got inspired by my recent travels around the world and by the musicians around me that make my social environment.

Where did you record it? And how?

I recorded „Kamal Bani“ with my good friend Cioz in my former studio at Holzmarkt in Berlin, using mostly the Elektron Analog 4 and the prophet 6 by dave smith. We also recorded some samples with a mic inside of the studio. „Mirage“ was almost done but was missing an acoustic element. I called my father to record some samples and sang him the melody I wanted for the song. He recorded it and sent it over which was a great way to make music together without being in the same room. „Encanto“ was one of the first tracks i produced in my small home studio in Amsterdam. The „Mirage“ EP is the single out of my debut album „Laconia“ which will be released mid September.


01. Louna
02. Kamala Bani w/ Cioz
03. Je Te Vois feat. Cook Strummer
04. Mangata
05. Atreyu
06. Encanto
07. Mirage
08. Not Much to Say
09. Guz
10. Aubade

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