A slate of blissfully melodic tunes – All Day I Dream’s Summer Sampler


All Day I Dream’s Summer Sampler – it’s out August 9th. The Summer Sampler is an annual ADID compilation, meant to showcase label darlings while capturing a seasonal feel as it unfolds. Its 2019 edition features a wide range of label favorites, including tracks from Sébastien Léger, YokoO & Retza, DSF, Double Touch and many more. The compilation in full captures the All Day I Dream ethos, presenting a slate of blissfully melodic tunes that make for easy listening.

Get the compilation here.

trndmsk: What inspired you to produce the track?

Double Touch: We heard a release called “Birth: The Spirit Begins: by our friend Elsen Price who is an amazing Double Bassist from Sydney. His song was a solo improvisational piece mixing drones with middle eastern melodies. We thought that vibe would sound great as a House tune so we invited him into the studio to work on something original together. We had previously all played a live gig together as a band a few years ago so the session flowed well.

How did the track come together? The video?

The majority of this track came together in one day when we were all together in a studio. Although it sounds like a cello, the original studio version is played on a Double Bass which sounds like a Cello as it’s played in a high register…We recorded all of the live instruments in this studio session—double bass, percussion, and all of the background ambient FX (on electric guitar by Van-Anh’s brother Viet-Anh). Then over the next few weeks we put it all together in a few studio sessions. We really wanted to add as many live instruments into this song as possible and we discovered some unique sounds using our instruments for different elements in the song.

The video was a last minute thing we decided to do in the desert outside of LA. We had just come back from our ADID weekend in San Francisco on a buzz and had a few days off. Our friend Nick Conrad (Blue Crab Productions) was keen to help us out with a video and Van-Anh had been doing some classical concerts with a cellist called Mark Bassett, who agreed to be kidnapped into the desert.

How did you get in contact with All Day I Dream?

We had one release before our All Day I Dream EP called “Broken Paradise.” We paid for the DJ/Radio promo ourselves as we really wanted it to get in the hands of Lee Burridge (All Day I Dream was our favourite label and our inspiration to start writing this style of music. The releases had elements of both of our worlds—classical and house). Every few days, we would annoy the promo company and ask if they had sent it to Lee. After lots of nagging, they finally sent it to Lee and he left a nice comment on the feedback form. I then messaged his Facebook Artist page to thank him (not expecting a reply). He replied the next day and then it all began!

What’s your favourite track on this compilation outside of your own and why?

This is a tough question as there are so many good tunes on this release. With these sampler albums, the more you listen to the album over time, new songs jump out at you. I’m cheating here and giving you our two favourites for this week: Night Tales – Bross (RO), Shai T feat. Nadav – Our Time.

Where have been some of your favorite places to play with All Day I Dream?

We are very new to the ADID family. Our first release was only 6 months ago so we have only played the one event so far which was Golden Gate Park, San Francisco. Lee mentioned on the day that it was the largest ADID event in the world so it was an amazing first experience!

What’s up next after the release? Are you working on any other projects?

We just spent the last month writing new songs so we have a big folder of demos we just sent to Lee to see if there is anything he likes for our second ADID EP…We have a two-track EP coming out on ASTRX in September which is an Australian label (formerly Ministry of Sound Australia) who signed a bunch of our tunes last year and releasing them every few months. We also have our second release on Buddha Bar out next month and a remix for Jacob Groening coming out in a few months on Earthly Delights.

Our inflight mix for British Airways on the Deeper Sounds: All Day I Dream show will be on all flights next month.

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