Four tracks with different styles – Dabey releases the second part of „Circles“


Dabey is well known for calm tunes that merges classic instruments and electronic beats. Now he releases the second part of his „Circles“ – Trilogy and comes with way more drive. Four tracks with different styles and you can hear clearly that he must have listened a lot of Bonobo, Amon Tobin and similar things in his early years. „Rush“ keeps the promise and surprises with an outstanding entry. „Circles“ is the most complex track and got also an amazing video on Youtube, wich you should watch definitely. „Koto“ has a very unique sample from the classical japanese instrument called Koto and immediately lifts you up. At least a bit. „Shrooms“ also satisfies the expactations and guides into a dreamy landscape with a looped sample as base and an alien guitar sounds.

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