Kosa Records releases the compilation “Tathastu”

Tathastu Album art

There is something called Asthu. Imagine it like a Casper flying next to you. It’s there all around us. It’s like the Indian version of guardian Angel. However, the difference is the Asthu is slightly laid back but disciplined. And it doesn’t have a judgmental ability of its own. Rather, it respects you so much that it leaves the job to you and doesn’t question. It won’t choose for you. It won’t know whether you mean it or not. Sometimes you say things you don’t mean but it will make it come true. E.g. You wonder what if someone steals your footwear from outside temple, Asthu will bring the attention of a thief to your footwear and it will be gone. Sometimes it will miss listening to you. So when you say something followed by tathastu, it means you have thought so much about what you are saying and calling the attention of Asthu to work along with you to make it come true. So, always be mindful of what you think and say. The literal meaning in English is “So be it” or “apadiye aagatum” or “apadiagapatathu” in Tamil.


01. Vusall – Mantraman
02. Joachim De Lux – Waqt
03. Kolomin – Gardens Of Spring
04. Thommie G – Canoa Quebrada
05. Sound Shapes – Pharaohs March
06. Bakean – Kankarma
07. Jack Essek – Shiraz
08. Sobhan – Nava
09. Yong Jai Kim – Shiva Mantra
10. Rhemus – Past Lives
11. Equaya – Life
12. Samer Soltan – Earvin’s Nights
13. Udasa – Qawwali
14. Perola Branca – Sunrise In Cairo
15. Majal – Deep Blue
16. Nan & Balint Boldizsar – Sound Current
17. estimua – Magna Mater
18. Mauve – Fya
19. Lello Fusco – Vision Of Darkness
20. Aroma – Kathakali
21. Antaares – Algo Que No Se Ha Dicho Antes
22. DVNIEL – Gitano
23. Alex Doering & Bedcheck – Deeper Force
24. Fidato – Afternoon Haze
25. Lello Fusco – Visions of darkness
26. Goro – Salaam