Vom Feisten and Vincent Marlice edited „Wild Wild West“ into groovy a Tech House edit


The latest edition of our free download series finds Vom Feisten and Vincent Marlice for his first appearance. The producer duo created an Tech House edit to „Wild Wild West“.

trndmsk: What inspired you to make the edit?

Vom Feisten: I was in Thailand in the beginning of the year and listened to the track and thought once again: Wow! The vocals are amazing and the whole Wild West theme is super interesting. I met Vincent Marlice last year and we talked about a possible project to work on together. Normally his main sound isn’t tech-house and we talked about many genres and came to the conclusion that it might be nice to work on an older track and give it a tech-house suite. He really liked the idea to take Wild West and his piano skills totally fitted the song.

How did you approach the original track?

Vincent Marlice​: We basically wanted to create an original track from nothing, adding only the vocals of the original song. The challenge was trying to find the perfect balance between using the vocals in a recognizable way but not over using them, so they had to be mixed very subtlety. We always tried to aim at finding that sweet spot, in order to avoid risking ending up with either a cheezy version of the original song or with one that is unrecognizable with the original, so having that in mind during the whole process was key.

Cover VF _ VM

Where and how did you produce it?

Vincent Marlice​: The track was produced in my home studio here in Berlin. I had only done collaborations strictly with music producers, so to have produced a track with Vom Feisten, who has a strong background as a DJ, was new to me and very refreshing. It definitely gave me a new perspective on how to approach a track. I basically started creating a classic tech house loop (beat+bass line), afterwards we structured the song and added chopped clips of the original vocals and „Wild West“-like sounds, like coins, gunshots, saloon ambient etc. This was definitely the most challenging part, but also the most fun! Later, improvising on the piano I came up with something for the breaks of the track. Finally a good friend of Flo’s, Dennis Beutler, helped us with the mixing stage. This gave the track much more punch and dynamics, which is essential in this genre.

What’s up next after the release? Are you working on any other projects?

Vom Feisten​: I’m working on a track with my bro ALXJ where we invited a rapper to the studio to get us some nice groovy vocals for which we also plan a music-video. Besides this I’m working on my own EP for my family label Criminal Bassline which will be released at the end of the year. Also some other collaborations with my friends Dennis Beutler and Daniel Neuland. For touring I plan a small Asia-tour in September and in the end of November I might go to Columbia again, which we are figuring out right now.

Vincent Marlice​: I’m currently producing a couple of tracks with Acado (Techno Frühstück) and an EP with Mono Abe, which I am super stoked out! Also, a Remix for Riamiwo’s track „Deltawelle“ will come out on the Obenmusik Label in August and a 2 track EP of mine on Deep Locus Records in October/November. My next gig is at Maze, Berlin; the 10th of August and all profits will go to a very special charity called Fundación Lazos Humana based in Colombia, which focuses on improving the quality of life of children with high-cost diseases, so it would be extra special to see you there!

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