Ethno-vocals, percussions and intoxicating scapes – „Ruah“ by Vini Pistori on Monaberry


At summer’s peak, all-wise grampy Herbert delivers some fresh vibes and showcases the hottest discoveries on his ninth compilation. „Ruah“ by Vini Pistori enters the dancefloor slightly dark and inspires with some subtle ethno-vocals, percussions and intoxicating scapes. We talked with Vini about his track.

trndmsk: What inspired you to produce the track being released on Monaberry?

Vini Pistori: This track in especific, was created in a cold day in my country, and I was inspired by the weather and the samples from scream help me to develop the main idea.

Where and how did you produce the track?

I produce at my home with my home studio.

How was the feedback so far?

I have been received good feedbacks from the release until right now, because is too much recently. Big djs and some people have put in playlists on Spotify.

Why did you choose Monaberry for the release?

I didn’t choose Monaberry hehehe, the guys chose me. I decided send the demo to them because I love the label and like so much the releases and the job from them.

What’s up next after the release?

The release more near is an EP on OMENI and there is some more news coming in big labels that I can’t to reveal still, but stay tuned. I’s so happy for it.

Any other plans and projects for the future?

My plans are keep working on my new musics and get my job recognized around the world. To start do gigs around the world.