“It was such a creative and interesting time” – PHCK release their first album on All Day I Dream


Driving, pulsating, multi-layered – the new album “More Than A Machine” of the German trio PHCK combines electronic music schemes with classical songwriting. The twelve tracks invite you to dream and dance and will be out on All Day I Dream. They work for the chill out and in the club. There are twelve carefully constructed unique pieces that merge together on the album to form a large, organic whole.

trndmsk: How long did it take you to produce the album?

PHCK: We produced it for nearly two years. We had many tracks more but decided to take these 12 at the end. It was such a creative and interesting time.

How did you choose the title of the LP? Is there a special meaning behind it?

There is definitely a special meaning behind it. „More Than a Machine“ is more than just a title for us. It’s a feeling of love, communication and collective consciousness. Our aim is to inspire everyone who listens to the album to find their inner child. You feel impartial again and escape your daily life and that’s what makes us “More Than a Machine”.

What inspired you to produce the tracks and the LP?

We had a lot of inspiration in that time. A big inspiration is All Day I Dream in general. The people, the party’s and the music had a big influence on us. There are also different countries or cultures we like to include in the tracks. There’s “Indian Summer” for example which has the voice of indigenous people followed by a slit drum who originally comes from Africa. The pitch of Stefans voice was interesting in this one. You should try this one on the dancefloor for sure.

Where and how did you produce the tracks?

Our small studio on the Black Forest is the perfect place to produce music. Our neighbours are Afrilounge. They always have a open ear for our tracks and we like to sit down and discuss about music a lot. The main harmony is mostly our thing when we’re producing a track. Different layered pads are the base for the track. Then we continue with the beat. That’s not always the process but we found out that it works most of the time.

How was the feedback so far?

The feedback was intense. We received messages from all over the world when the album will see the light of day. The most asked question was if it will be available on vinyl and yes it will be. We had the chance to listen to the test pressings. Two beautiful vinyls and they sound amazing. We had Patrick Chardronnet on our side to make the pre-mix of the album (before it was send to the mastering studio) and we’ll promise you a perfect sound for the tracks. Shoutout to everyone who supported the album so far!

Why did you choose All Day I Dream?

It was back in the days when we produced “Aeris” for Connaisseur Recordings. Chris had a phone call with the label chief Alex Flitsch and he recommended All Day I Dream as a label for our style. This was the time when Lee contacted us because of “Aeris” and we got in touch. We got on well right from the start.
All Day I Dream became so much more for us than just a label who releases our music. They became friends and we’re more than happy to have them. You should definitely go and see the partys. They perfectly reflect the attitude they have.

What’s up next after the release? Any plans and projects?

We made „More Than a Machine“ the highlight of the PHCK project. Having free choices is very important as everyone from the project has different interests and pursues the corresponding goals. A new project is already in the starting blocks and we’ll keep everyone up to date via our socials. Keep and eye on them and we’ll promise to provide you with more good music.